Quiz competitions have failed, teachers elect their teachers and school evaluation committees: Giannelli (Anp) at the Open [INTERVISTA]

The decree on new recruitment and training approved by the CdM, soon to be reviewed by Parliament, “is a missed opportunity”: Antonello Giannelli, President Anp, explain the reasons for theSchool of Technology ‘. For trade unions, teachers’ competencies should no longer be verified by national competitions, focused on notions, but by each individual school, delegating the choice of teachers to the teacher in the evaluation committee.

“Covid – said Giannelli – taught us that teachers need strong motivation and aptitude to carry out this kind of activity, without prejudice, of course, an adequate remuneration which is not currently the case: the decree of the Council of Ministers approved for new recruitments should therefore be different and introduced innovative forms of evaluation. A teacher cannot be judged on the basis of notional examinations. Then there is a strong Emphasis on initial training when I believe that training in service is fundamental“.

The PNA model also provides that all teachers who have to update themselves during their entire professional life, but no longer on the basis of the decisions taken by the teaching body, as required by Law 107/15, but a new compulsory education by teachers. Contract.

The NPC leader believes that the time is ripe to introduce a middle class of teachers, to be seen as “cadres” of the PA: they are teachers who deal exclusively with the school organization and to leave it in the best possible way . the classroom and no longer do lesson.

“We think too much that you need to get the right person and that you need to train them once and for all. But that is not the case: you need to hire a motivated person and then train and update him throughout his career. In particular. – further Giannelli – in a world of rapid variation of knowledge and skills “, where there is” a rapid obsolescence of one’s professional skills “.

Renzi’s Good School, the 2015 reformfocused on the topic but, once again according to the PNA union, did not have the modality: “The decision for the update was in any case subject to the approval of the Teachers’ Committee, but it could not go well because the council can not oblige.to make colleagues training.Instead it must be made mandatory by contract.Even pay, remember that “the current level of pay is not decent”.

But who would the teachers choose? “No one else could do it, except the teacher, even the evaluation committee.”

“Our model, which has long been proposed, requires schools to hire their teachers.” Such as? “Also in competitive form – emphasizes Giannelli – here asks no private sector to hirehowever, it must be left to the competence of the schools, which must assess the ability of that teacher to be a teacher in that specific situation and in that territory ”.

For this it is necessary “A strong involvement of the teaching committee, because a strong anchoring in the territory: it is no longer possible for a teacher to be employed for a year in a school and then start on tour; it is necessary for a certain number of years to stay in school, because this is necessary for the didactic continuity of our children ”.

The national president of the PA therefore called for the introduction of a career for teachers who no longer want to be teachersbut those who do not necessarily want to move into the management role: “We believe it is right to introduce middle management in schools – points to the number 1 NPC – and we believe that it is that of middle management between teachers’ level and those of managers in the public administration. This level does not exist and it is very serious: they are figures who do not learn anymore and take care of the management tasks “.

Giannelli argues that the time is ripe for the introduction of Figures that want to “deal with the organization and management of schools without, however, necessarily taking on the responsibility and role role: we have no difficulty in believing that there must be a “localized” form of competition in order to reach this level. It can also develop on the single in school not necessarily with centralized competitionswhich, as we have seen, have failed promptly because of the numbers involved in the over-timing and also because of the bureaucratic difficulties ”.

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