Question by the directors of Repubblica Futura on school policy

In response to a recent article published in the press highlighting the total shortcomings of the State Secretariat for Public Education in its area of ​​competence, the Secretariat itself hated to convene a meeting in the presence of sector operators in the press. illustrate to the citizens the actions that have been implemented in these two years. In the field of primary school, in the summer camps, there have been many successes … unfortunately, nothing really came out about the amazing achievements that the Education Secretariat would have achieved in those two years, if not a shaky and disorganized transfer. from a class of the city plexus to that of Murata. What has been done is certainly to enlarge the photobook and television connections of Dubai, where, probably due to the large delegations of the Education Secretariat, technical discussion tables on school systems are being held. But the citizen has not yet understood, perhaps because no one has yet talked about whether a cost-and-revenue analysis was done by the school sector and if so, what results might have been shown. Indeed, news comes in that during this legislature there is no accounting control over school expenses, a monitoring of daily expenses, but there are numbers to be explored, in primary school, where centralized control of expenditures is made. daily would be lacking.of the plexuses, often without control and programming. Fearing that nothing has been done from the point of view of economic analysis, while the school is seen as a fundamental and priority service, for which the quality and efficiency of the service must be the first goal that is pursued, Repubblica Futura , for the development of the necessary and urgent school policy and the attention of the citizens a necessary analysis of the school sector as a whole, question of the government to find out:
• in which programs the mission “education” is subdivided and what are the respective costs planned on the basis of an economic analysis of a budget type;
• what is the percentage of investment in the research and innovation sector, what are the economic resources used so far and which are planned for the next two years, as well as the results from an economic point of view, cost savings and financial development plans in this legislature;
• the economic trend of personnel management since the beginning of the legislature period, with details of the cost items for teachers and non-teachers, the recruitment plan, pensions, the scores, the use of public rankings;
• training and professionalisation courses for teachers and non-teachers, the planning and results of all competitions and the recruitment plan with regard to the reorganization of the sector rationalization policy;
• the economic trend of the management costs of the school sector in relation to the cost points of goods and services including equipment and the illustration of the resource efficiency plan;
• for the cost point of school meals: the analysis of expenditure trends, the analysis of future prospects also in view of the recent resolution of State Congress No. 23 of 7 February 2022, which constitutes the Commission for the Development of School Lunch Service , because the expenditures that are committed will commit the state budget for the next three years;
• Identification of all possible waste niches, loss-making cost centers and projects designed to reduce losses;
• we ask that the appraisal and investment items be listed in detail;
• Finally, we ask about the average cost per capita for each student of all levels, during the two years of this legislature.


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