publishes the Circular Ministry on Registration as 2022/2023

The Ministry of Education has published Circular 18250 of 15 July 2022, regarding enrollments for CPIAs and second-level courses (early evening courses) for the 2022/2023 school year.

Indications of note 12757/21

The text to confirm the provisions of Memorandum 7755/19 provides the following indications

  • Adults who want to enroll in first-level training courses and courses in literacy and learning of the Italian language submit an application for registration directly to the offices ofadministrative unit of the CPIA, also through the “associated offices”.
  • Adults, on the other hand, who want to enroll in second-level training courses they apply to the educational institutes where these courses are basedprovided promptly send them in copy to the Central Bureau of the CPIA with which the above-mentioned educational institutions provided for the network agreement (provided for in Article 5, paragraph 2, of Presidential Decree 263/12).

The deadline for enrollment and adult education is usually set for 25 July 2022 and in any case no later than 31 October 2022. The note clarifies that the user takes into accountit is possible, in justified cases, the Registration requests on the educational pathways on October 31, 2022. Acceptance of such requests is subject to change

  • on there Definition of general criteria in connection with the “case that legitimizes the derogation” of the teaching staff
  • within the limits oforganic assigned.

Applications can also be delivered on TV according to the modalities that have been autonomously identified by the CPIAs and by the educational institutions in which the second-level courses are based. In this case after acceptance of the application, the adult will send the required documentation the completion of the same application before the start of the reception and guidance activities to define the PFI e in any case not later than 15 November 2022.

Of course, the use of online procedures should in no way constitute an obstacle to enrollment for the fragile subjects without basic computer literacy and / or instrumentation. For this the note clarifies that the adult can always make the request face to face.

The registration forms are attached to note 7755/19

The Individual Training Accord as a result of the specific reception and guidance interventions in the credit recognition procedure it must be formalized no later than November 15, 2022. It is the task of the regional school offices to oversee the correct formalization of the Individual Training Agreement and on compliance with timing.

It is up to the regional school offices to increase the number of “AGORÀ” classrooms (Interactive environment for the management of the training offer to adult address) higher than that specified in Note 7755/19 (one room per CPIA). We remind you that the Interministerial Decree of March 12, 2015, regarding documented needs, the implementation of synchronous activities (online video conferencing) between teachers present in the offices (associated and / or operational) of the CPIA and Level groups provided. present in remote classrooms, called AGORÀ identified in the context of specific contracts with universities and / or local bodies and / or other public and private entities.

The general rules

A) Type of track

Remember that I Adult education coursesalso those that take place in prevention and punishment institutions

  1. First level training paths aims to obtain the final qualification of the first cycle of education and the certification certifying the acquisition of basic skills related to compulsory education
  2. Second Level Education Paths aims to obtain the diploma of technical, vocational and artistic education
  3. Italian literacy and learning coursesaims to obtain a qualification which certifies the attainment of a level of proficiency in the Italian language not less than level A2

DEN First level and literacy courses are provided by the CPIAthe courses of second level they are conducted by the high schools where the technical, vocational and artistic training courses operate.

B) Who can sign up

They can enroll in first-level training courses

  • Adults, including foreigners who have not fulfilled the educational obligation or who are not in possession of the final qualification of the first cycle of education
  • those who have reached sixteen years of age and who are not in possession of the final qualification of the first cycle of education.

They can enroll in second-level training courses

  • Adults, including foreigners, who are in possession of the final qualification of the first cycle of education
  • those who have reached the age of sixteen and who already possess the final qualification of the first cycle of education, prove that they are not able to participate in the day course.

They can stand up for you Italian literacy and learning courses foreign adults of working age, including those in possession of educational qualifications obtained in their countries of origin.

The provisions of Note 7755/19

Note 7755/19

  • makes a explicit reference to the role Basis of adult education and to fight against early school exchanges an anHeight Level of education and cultural literacy
  • notes that for theadults with non-Italian nationality registered in Course of literacy and learning the Italian language, without the necessary skills for the efficient use of the road, without prejudice to the possibility of using this road also in two school years, activities are carried out which in the context of the reception and orientation activities make the reinforcement and / or the levels ( 20 hours). In addition, in order to encourage a more effective linguistic and social integration of foreigners, literacy courses, without the total number of hours, ensure specific learning units lasting a total of 10 hours, realized according to the guidelines for planning the training. . Session. Civic and Information (Article 3 of Presidential Decree 179/2011)
  • clarifies that “Enrollment in first- and second-level adult education courses is primarily guaranteed for those who wish to achieve a higher level of qualification than those already employed, without prejudice to the possibility of allowing in the face of justified needs – and limits of available Places – Registration also for adults who already have a final qualification of the second cycle courses “.
  • notes that adults who are in the second level of vocational training will continue to visit educational pathways based onformer legal system to that provided for in the reorganization decree (Legislative Decree 61/17). Similarly, for the next school year nothing will change for the course of vocational training and education aimed at acquiring the three-year qualification and the four-year vocational diploma
  • reportspecific function in the student register active in SIDI to support the CPIA and Composition of Individual Training Agreement of adults on the courses of first level in the Literacy courses and learn the Italian language
  • it eliminates the reference to the ability to activate Level II courses of a different type compared to the relevant professional institutions, technical institutes and artistic high schools.

The notice also contains information on the deadline for the possible renewal of the network agreement (September 30, 2022) between the CPIA and the secondary of the territory, on which it insists if elements of discrepancy arise. , such as school size.

The note reiterates the explanations regarding the enrollment of 15-year-old students in the first course. These cases must be considered exceptional and they can in no way be linked to behavioral difficulties or to conditions of social difficulties or school delays. This is why the circular emphasizes the role of guarantors of regional school offices. DEN Minors are subject to judicial authority measures, who have completed the fifteenth year, can enroll in the first level courses. A similar opportunity exists for you unaccompanied foreign minors.

We point out that Note 21313 of December 20, 2018 is cited to remind school offices to execute. Agreements with local authorities for the use of the places adequately also in respect of safety.


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