Psychological counseling services provided by the schools identified areas of intervention

To respond in a timely manner to the negative psychological impact of the SarsCov2 pandemic, the Provincial Council recently approved a € 350,000 loan to strengthen the psychological counseling services provided by educational and training institutes for the benefit of students, teachers. and parents .. The provincial government therefore today approved the provision, which identifies the criteria for the distribution of funds and also established to delegate to the education service, the organization of a working group, which has the task of provincial guidelines for defining the promotion of psychological well-being. of the whole school system. “We are monitoring the problem very closely – commented Education Councilor Mirko Bisesti – two years of pandemic have certainly punished our young people by limiting them to socialize, meet and exchange. We have decided to distribute these funds so that “Everyone can benefit from psychological support when needed. Nobody should feel alone.”

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Within the educational institutions of the province, as required by the provincial law on schools, a service that provides psychological counseling services to students, families and teachers aims at supporting emotional and relational well-being and children’s growth path. Recent surveys have shown that these services are reinforced to respond to critical issues related to the particular health situation.

To respond to this changing need, the Provincial Council provided with the Stability Act of last December a concrete loan of 350,000 Euros for the years 2022 and 2023 to implement this service.

With the provision approved today by the executive, the possible areas of intervention of the psychological support service in the school and the corresponding characteristics for the execution of the activity are identified. The document represents a first step that presupposes the construction of provincial guidelines for the promotion of psychological well-being in schools, to support educational institutions, to protect the health and development of female students and students , as well as from school. Staff.and therefore of learning environment.

These guidelines are developed by a working group set up by the Clinical Psychology Operational Unit of the Provincial Health Services Agency, by the Order of Psychologists of the Province of Trento, by a first- and second-cycle school manager and by vocational training, with the aim of providing the service. Implementing school psychology. The working group takes care of the well-being of the whole school system, provides supervision and support to the teamwork of the teachers, strengthens its fundamental pedagogical role, creates space for listening and prevention, accompanies the students in their development challenges. support families in the educational choices of their children.

The working group will soon be appointed by the Province’s Education Service.




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