Promotion and strengthening of community languages ​​in Trentino schools, program of activities defined

In detail, these are the projects that are included in the planning of activities:

Cooperation project between the high schools of Trentino and the country of Tyrol
According to the agreement signed in 2018, created to promote and strengthen exchange programs for students and teachers, in the period between April and June of this school year, 4 students from the language school “SM Scholl” and 2 students from the high school by Arts “Vittoria Bonporti Depero” will participate in the individual exchange project for students and internships / internships and will stay in the partner schools in Tyrol.

Trentino-Tirolo Teacher Exchange Project
Three moments are planned: a first meeting where teachers and partnership groups plan joint learning activities in both languages; Activities carried out during the school year in the Tyrolean classes of the Trentino teachers in Italian and in the Trentino classes of the Tyrolean teachers in German; Final meeting of the Innsbruck project, with return of completed activities. Despite the health emergency, the Trentino and Tyrolean school administrations have found it useful to provide project continuity, not only for the improvement of language-communication skills, but also for the comparison of teaching methods and strategies for languages to learn and to learn.

Euregio Teacher Training
Born out of the collaboration between the three territories, the course is organized by the Tyrol Pedagogical University, assisted by the Department of Education and Culture Pat in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. The project involved in the two school years 2019/20 and 2021/22 about 40 teachers from the high schools in the service of Trentino, Tyrol and Alto Adige. The aim is to offer training on European topics – with a stay in Strasbourg for October 2022 – to repeat in the classrooms and enable the creation of links for the exchange of students and teachers, understanding and mutual knowledge about the ‘Opportunities to encourage. offered by the Euregio to its citizens. For the organization of the initiative, the “F. e G. Fontana” Institute in Rovereto was identified as a leader.

Trentino-Germany and Germany Plus project
This is a two-week exchange project of 43 German students and two companions selected by the German Ministry of Culture with Trentino families in September 2022, born out of the collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cooperation in the Autonomous Province of Trento. 12 of 48 places are reserved for our territory for a three-week residency program for Italian students in Germany, called Germany Plus, for which a special agreement is signed and the ministerial contribution is formalized.

It is a program for obtaining the German language diploma, sponsored by the Permanent Conference of German Ministers of Education (DSI-I) and the Second Cycle Schools of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Bilingual classes and schools
For several years now, bilingual pedagogical projects have been active in the Comprensivi Trento 5 and Trento 2 institutes, in order to develop a system for strengthening language teaching in the provincial education system, which will also be implemented in the current school year. In particular, the trilingual school project of IC Trento 2 is being realized through the presence of Austrian teachers on the basis of a specific memorandum of understanding.


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