“Promoting Gender Ideology” – The Doubt

It is an open confrontation between the parties in view of the May 17 celebrations for the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. A dispute is the circular of the Ministry of Education, led by Patrizio Bianchi, which invites schools of all levels to “organize opportunities for in-depth study with their students on issues related to discrimination, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.”. And that’s what happened Lega and Fratelli d’Italia.

For Giorgia Meloni’s party, this is a “disturbing” circular, as it “represents an unacceptable attempt to get back out the window, which the Italian Parliament has slammed the door: the Zan bill”. In fact, according to the law, the document signed by Maria Assunta Palermo, Director of the Directorate-General for Students, Inclusion and Schoolchildren, would fall into the prevention and training activities provided by ddl ze, Late last October by the Senate sunk, which were among the aspects most disputed by the right. “Brothers from Italy will immediately put questions to Parliament and the Senate and ask Minister Bianchi to withdraw this circular, with which they want to open the doors of schools for gender ideology. We also invite families to pay attention and expect that every initiative proposed by the schools offers the prior informed consent of the parents “, announce the brothers of Italy MPs Paola Frassinetti and Ella Bucalo, Heads of the Department of Education at the School of FdI, and Senator Isabella Rauti, Chief of the Equal Opportunities, Family and Non-Negotiation Department.

The Northern League Senator is from parties Simone Pillon, for which «the holy fight against discrimination is almost always the fig leaf behind which the content of the LGBT agenda is hidden. I therefore find this ideological circular, specifically, detrimental to the freedom of education of parents (who are not even named, despite the fact that the task of education is expressly provided for their exclusive responsibility), detrimental to school autonomy, as opposed to the current legislation and appropriate. to legitimize a form of hateful indoctrination of school children and students with absurd and unfounded ideologies.

To answer is the Undersecretary of Education Barbara FloridiaSenator M5s, for those instead “it’s sad to see the equipment of the league and of the right – wing newspapers screaming in these hours scandal”. “There are hundreds of homophobic attacks and violence in our country, many of which unfortunately take place in the school environment. For this reason too, the school has a duty to fight against isolation and to contribute to a clear and conscious debate among the students. Players are serious, the consequences of homophobia and transphobia are well known: marginalization, failure or failure of schooling, to self-harm or even suicidal behavior. Implement activities to support the fight against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia, ”noted Florida.

Even for the senator Alessandra MaiorinoCoordinator of the M5S Committee on Gender Policy and Civil Rights, the Ministry’s Circular “is the best response to those who spread hatred and try at all costs hostage Italy to obscurantism and cultural backwardness. Rights have risen, screaming scandal. The only real scandal is who wants to teach our boys and girls instead of discrimination, who mix their natural propensity for the openness of the world and its wonderful variety with a hierarchical human concept, where some are less human than others, and therefore can not. enjoy the same rights. Observe that they protest against this initiative of the Ministry, which, as the circular shows, is based on Article 3 of our Constitution. “

“But what is the ‘gender ideology’ of right-wing obscurantists called into question? Just invented a bogey to not train young people against homophobia. Discrimination is scandalous, not the awareness of young people to fight it,” he wrote. social media Laura BoldriniDeputy Pd and Chairman of the House Committee on Human Rights in the World.