Professional strike: School blocks “Fifty places disappear in two years”

There are dozens of classes staying home next Monday due to the strike by all unions, ie hundreds of students. In fact, the adhesion of teachers and ATA staff from all sorts of schools seems massive to Pistoia, so much so that Pistoian principals, these days, are already sending letters to parents to communicate that lessons are being suspended. Families must therefore organize themselves in time with regard to stopping the lessons.

To move the unions to various critical issues. The FLC Cgil, Cisl School, Uil Scuola, Snals Confsal and Gilda Unams are asking the government, in particular, “for the full extension of the provisions of the law affecting free negotiation, the identification of adequate financial resources for the contractual renewal. advance and stabilization of precarious personnel who are severely punished by the new rules “.

In short, everything is focused on the latest legislative decree regarding recruitment and training. In practice, according to the unions, the new provisions “actually increase vacancies and do not favor the recruitment process to become a permanent teacher, with an extension of the time that the scarce staff currently in force in the school world , further penalized “. In Pistoia, a few days ago, Flc Cgil explained the problems.

“For the past few years, we have been covering some deficits in the province of Prato, in kindergarten and primary school, due to incorrect calculations, but for which our province has been called upon to make the hardest contribution: Just think that the states we give 10 – thunder Lucia Bagnoli -.A progressive decline in the education sector that does not take into account the importance of education.Teachers would in fact have been declared supernumerary by their own schools.Communication would have arrived via a letter.the individual teacher without however d ‘Data on provincial staff have been made available.An unimaginable situation and even more serious when one considers that staff, in order to avoid the transfer of office, have to choose the offices without oversight.of the staff of The demographic decline is evident , but it does not justify such a cut in staff, especially in a sector such as schooling. n experienced a decline of about 50 teaching positions, among all orders and degrees. The school, which should be one of the areas where one should invest more, because it is the place where the citizens of tomorrow are educated, is instead seen only as a waste of money, so instead of worrying about improving the quality of education think. Offer “.

The unions then condemned the refusal to provide additional staff “which was essential in recent years for reorganization, supervision and support for students (especially young people)”. So next September, it will also no longer be in service in the schools of the province. “Even now, school principals condemn that they do not know how to guarantee transparency and orderly management,” added school workers’ representatives.

Michela Monti

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