Producing green energy by involving the territory begins the challenge of the Majorana Institute

Energy Communities at the Majorana Institute

TERMOLI. The energy communities and the project to cover the covered market and across England where to build a plant to produce green energy: the initiative of the Majorana Institute to produce green energy with public bodies and schools. An innovation that is needed to keep up with the times and to look to the future in the name of environmental sustainability and energy saving. An ambition that begins in Termoli of the Majorana Industrial Technical Institute, which held a first meeting to illustrate and in what context we are moving towards the creation of a first energy community. The pilot project was born out of the agreement with Enea, the municipality of Termoli and the province of Campobasso, who are partners of the initiative, who have signed a protocol, which sees students as protagonists, who make life possible with Enea technicians . Study to verify the possibility of creating an energy community that begins as a design by the High School Institute of Termoli. To illustrate the initiative, schoolteacher Maria Maddalena Chimisso, Professor Paolo Marinucci and Termoli Mayor Francesco Roberti. Enea technicians on the web who illustrated to students how the work can be done.

Termoli’s first energy community will climb to the market and across England, where a roof will be built on which the system will be built, which will also include all the current boxes for sale that have their own electricity meters. “This is a pilot project,” said Mayor Francesco Roberti in his speech. We were always ready to take new initiatives, including the Pnrr call. At the moment we are moving towards green, towards renewable energies and it is right that Termoli is also ready to cooperate with these initiatives. With Enea we are sure that we have chosen an excellent partner with whom important works are completed.

The Maiorana Institute has always been a precursor to any new initiative, there are professors and competent colleagues like Professor Marinucci who is also part of the electronics section. It is a good initiative, and I wish all those involved a good job with their contribution. “

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