“Primitive language and lacking logic”: 95% of those who failed the written test in the judiciary. The Commissioner: “Hundreds of embarrassing issues”

Themes designed “in one primitive Italianwithout Argumentative Logic, almost invaluable“And many others” without gods Minimum requirementsfull of typos ed conceptual feeler In the of law“. This is the disturbing picture that has arisen from the correction of the written tests of the last Competition in justiceone of the worst ever: despite the 3,797 th most common Documents provided (the highest number in recent years) the Commission has only appropriately assessed 220the 5.7%. So discovered leave, even before oral tests, ninety of the 310 seats by former Minister Alfonso Bonafede banned back in 2019. To make a comparison, the writings of the 2018 competition were found to be appropriate. 9.7%to that of 2017 op 18%to those of 2016 on 13%to that of 2015 op 12.6%. And to get to the oral access, there was always a number of candidates close to (or even higher) than the number of places available.

A vertical collapse, so due – say those who corrected the tests – to one poor average level as never before: “If someone else had told me what I read, I would not have believed it”, he tells madequotidiano.it Luca PonizDeputy Prosecutor in Milan, former President of theNational Association of Magistrates (Note) and Member of the Competition Commission. What conditions he does not want to trivialize: “Those who fail are not all donkeys. There were many good or very good candidates, with a few points of excellence. “However, he admits,” there were a few hundred topics honestly embarrassing. I can not go into the anecdote, because the selection is still going on, but it struck me to observe this way little confidence with legal justification and so much distance from Minimum Standards Processing and writing. One wonders as possibleYes, because since 2007 the competition in the judiciary has become “second degree”: it means that access to the simple degree is no longer enough, but the title of Attorney you hate PhD or a diploma postgraduate school Specialization in the legal professions. But, says Poniz, “the level has not gone up, on the contrary”. So much so that in the reform of the justice system in the Chamber of Deputies it was adopted Marta Cartabia foresaw a decline: competition is declining in the first instance, also to address the chronic shortage of Togas (staff is missing around 1,300 units).

The widespread opinion among the commissioners, however, is that the catastrophe of this election also applies to yours to Modi. The writings are actually in July 2021, almost two years after the announcement, with the The rulesespecially“Provided by Anti-Covid legislation: no longer a single competition venue – at the Rome Fair – but good six (Bari, Bologna, Milan, Rimini, Rome and Turin), mat two processes instead of three (Criminal law and civil law, while administrative law was not signed) e half the time available to perform them (four hours instead of eight), with the demand – in the same announcement – for “synthetic” works. “These modalities are bad thinking and they change the Commission’s evaluation competencies “, explains the magistrate:” if there are actually three tests, one can be more negatively balanced by the others. If there are two, that is not possible “. And he reflects: “It may be that ‘light’ competition has also led to delivery low quality themes, Hoping for less rigorous evaluations. But we have to find magistrates, we can not go below a certain standard. And on the other hand – he adds – I also noticed a great lack of it Self-assessment capacity, to understand how far you are from the required level. But it is also because we can not vote on appropriate issues: instead, if necessary, it would be appropriate to add two.

The obligatory reflection is concerned, however Education In the academically of aspirant clothing. “It is a difficult reflection that we have made in the Commission together with the university professors (who are involved together with the magistrates, ed) “, says Poniz.” It may be that this is all the result of the change in school in recent years. more summaries used more and more computers and there is less and less emphasis on balanced writing. And the result is obvious: there have been difficulties in the subjectsgo to the Capesomething you learn in third grade. “And even university professors, he explains,” say universities get indications on fall as little as possible“For the former president of the union Togas lies in any case the reason for this contest and its reduced modalities, while” other selections, such as those for the prefecture career or those for the tar referendums, were carried out on a plan Covid with the same rules as before. The anm warned the minister onIrrationality of this choicebut it was not listened to. “

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