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From the early years of life, education on health issues has been a fundamental element of well-being not only for the benefit of individuals but also for the family and society. It’s an investment, the best it can be

by Annamaria Staiano

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed some historical inadequacies of the Italian school system and in particular an offer
Teaching and education obsolete and not always able to provide all students with better (and more equitable) opportunities for a harmonious development of their potential. Unfortunately, the great commitment and professionalism of all those who work in the school is for a time no longer enough: it is urgent, urgent, to invest in school construction, and to recognize the professionalism of those, who work and sacrifice every day. the school, and the education of the citizens of tomorrow. Real reform is needed. Nothing can guarantee well-being
Psychophysicists in developmental age more and better than a well-structured school that is able to contrast the inequalities that arise from conditions of economic, cultural and social disadvantage. The state of health and the general well-being of individuals in developmental age are among the most valid indicators of a society’s developmental level. For this reason, investment in education is strategic from both a social and an economic point of view. In the hearing, promoted on January 13, 2022 by the Department of Education and Training of the Ministry of Education, for which it is necessary to express thanks and appreciation to the Minister Patrizio Bianchi and all
the ministerial staff, based on the basic document “National Guidelines for Pedagogical Services for Children”, the Italian Society of Pediatrics (SIP) was able to illustrate some proposals for a general school reform project. Starting with health education,
of an early age.

Read the full article by Annamaria Staiano * HEALTH PANORAMA n. March 3, 2022

* President of the Italian Society of Pediatrics, Sip


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