Presentation of “My Diary” School Agenda

State Police

Presentation of the school agenda “My Diary”

The State Police, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy and Finance and the State Printing and Coin Institute, has presented the 9th edition of the “My Diary” school diary, intended for school students from the primary school institute who are preparing for the visit. fourth grade, of 23 Provinces of the national territory.

The school agenda for the proposed content is presented as a valid learning support tool in the education of tomorrow’s citizens, through the adventures of the protagonists Vis and Musa, the four-legged friends Lampo and Saetta, Budgie Gea and deals with the topics. of health, sports, environmental protection, social inclusion, road education, the proper use of the Internet and social networks, bullying and cyberbullying, as well as civic education and digital nationality.

Also in this edition,

mouse journalist Geronimo Stilton accompanies friends of the state police on their path from education to legality, sharing the importance of conveying the fundamental values ​​of this project with humor and simplicity.

The project, which also saw the collaboration of the Ministry of Education, this year reached a circulation of 100,000 copies, the highest annual production of all editions of the agenda.

To date, the project has made it possible to reach over 500,000 students throughout the national territory

State Police “My Diary” – The 2022/2023 Edition

it was distributed to children in the 3rd grade of primary school in the provinces of Barletta-Andria-Trani, Brindisi, Campobasso, Caserta, Chieti, Cosenza, Enna, Fermo, Ferrara, Frosinone, Gorizia, Matera, Monza and Brianza, Oristano go. , Palermo, Perugia, Reggio Calabria, Salerno, Savona, Siena, Trento, Vercelli, Vicenza.

Again this year

Thanks to the intervention of the PON Legality 2014 – 2020 FESR FSE, the National Operational Program of the Ministry of the Interior and funded by European funds, which supports projects to promote the strengthening of the conditions of legality for citizens and businesses, it has become possible to extend the distribution of copies to the regions of southern Italy.

State Police: My Diary State Police: My Diary

As of tomorrow, the women and men of the state police and specialties will be in the 87 comprehensive and equal school complexes of Vicenza province to distribute the diaries to 7,367 3rd grade students before the school year 2022/2023 begins.

At the presentation ceremony of the project of the State Police, which this morning at “Sandro Pertini” State Primary School of Vicenzawas visited by the Vicar of Quaestor Dr Marina Di Donato, who delivered the diary to a group of students.

Also present were two dog units of the State Police, a steering wheel of the Vicenza Police Headquarters and an operator from the local Scientific Police Cabinet.

In particular, the dog units became direct protagonists of the ceremony, also thanks to the intervention of the Labrador dog Nutellaof the German Shepherd name Havana and the little Labrador puppy Kirawho played with the students and made an explosive research demonstration, to everyone’s astonishment and participation.

The greeting was touching

and participated and started with the students, who showed their singing skills, sang the hymn of Mameli with the help of the boys of the Musical Institute.

But the proximity of the schools to the institutions and in particular to the state police was proved by the students themselves, who wanted to dedicate a letter and the poem of the “perfect policeman” to Mr. Quaestor and all the police officers who showed great interest show. and proximity to the issues of legality.

The Vicar of Quaestor

introduced the initiative to distribute the diary of the State Police in the schools, assisted by the Deputy Inspector of the State Police Cristina Casarano, and explained to the students the values ​​that inspire the activity of the everyday police and how the Police makes the execution of the police. his activity in the area, also answering questions from curious students.

Below is an excerpt from the student letter

“Thank you for making us feel safe and protected, thank you for working hard every day to make this world a better world, thank you for this precious gift: the diary that accompanies us every school day and helps us understand how to become citizens, who respect the law, the people, the animals, the nature … of the whole world. THANK YOU! “

Vicenza Police Headquarters – Press Release May 19, 2022

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