precarious teachers can not participate, you need a diploma, how to calculate the years of service. FAQ

What are the requirements to participate in the competition for school leaders? How many years of service does it take? Do you have to be in the role already? What is the decree on the bankruptcy procedure?

We answer the above questions, asked by our readers, by proposing a series of FAQs.



D. What is the decree for the competitions to become school managers?

R. The Ministry of Education has long been preparing the draft of the decree which “Regulations regarding the competition based on qualifications and exams for access to the roles of school managementHowever, its release is still awaitedofficially.

Q. When will the contest be announced?

A. At the moment it is impossible to indicate a date or in any case a possible timing. What is certain is that the above decree must first be published and then the bankruptcy proceedings can be announced.

Legal status

Q. I am a graduate and qualified pre-service teacher, with over five years of service in state schools. Can I participate in the teacher competition?

A. No, to participate in the competition it is necessary to be a teacher in government schools and educational institutions.

Q. I am a graduated and qualified teacher employed for an indefinite period in an independent school, can I participate in the competition for school managers?

A. No, as mentioned earlier, in order to participate in the competition, you must be employed in government schools and educational institutions for an indefinite period of time.

Q. I am a non-permanent religion teacher with 10 years of service and a degree in law. Can I participate in the competition?

A. No, to access the procedure, you must be employed with a permanent contract in state schools and educational institutions.


D. The master’s degree in religious studies is considered a useful qualification for admission to the competition for school managers?

R. In the draft of the Ministerial Decree, which will regulate the competitions for school directors, it is stated that permanent teachers of state schools and educational institutions (who have been confirmed in the role and have served for 5 years) in possession of one of the following Qualifications: Mastery; Master’s degree; Diploma obtained according to the didactic regulations before the Ministerial Decree no. 509/1999; II level academic diploma issued by institutions of high artistic, musical and dance training; joint old-system academic diploma with high school diploma. As can be seen from the above, we are talking about a master’s degree, without specifying which one, therefore the answer is affirmative.

Q. I am a permanent ITP teacher, with a six-year permanent and two fixed-term service, and I also have a diploma. Can I participate in the teacher competition?

A. In the decree that will govern the competition, it is provided that teachers who are employed in public schools and educational institutions and are in possession of a diploma (except to be confirmed on the roll) can participate in the procedure. However, it is not intended that one should belong to the roles of the graduates, so the answer is affirmative: he can participate.

Q. I am a teacher (more than ten years) in the primary school, where I was employed based on the possession of the master’s degree obtained during the academic year. 2001/02. I will get my degree soon. Can I participate in the teacher competition?

A. Yes, you can participate, because there is no link between the participation in the procedure and the title of the recruitment. What is important is to be in possession of the prerequisites: role in public schools + confirmation in the role + 5 years of service + graduation.

Q. I have a diploma in natural sciences at the University of Messina for the academic year 2000/2001 and I am a few years graduate of a specialist in music didactics. Can I participate in the next executive competition? Are the dates already planned?

A. Yes, he can participate in the competition because he has a diploma (actually he has two valid qualifications: a diploma in natural sciences and a specialist in music didactics). Of course, the other requirements are also necessary (see previous FAQs). As for the dates, as mentioned above, we are still waiting for the release of the DM who governs the competition, and then the bands. Therefore, no date has been set yet.

School Manager Competition, Entry Qualifications. Can I also participate with a master’s degree?


Q. I am a graduate teacher already confirmed in tenure with 3 years of permanent and 2 fixed-term service at state schools. Can I participate in the teacher competition?

A. Yes, the service can be performed for both a fixed and an indefinite period.

D. I have the necessary requirements to participate in the competition for school managers. The only problem concerns the service performance: I have a 4-year role and a service provision of 180 days. Can the last one be considered as a service year?

A. Yes, it can be considered a year of service. In the draft of the ministerial decree, which will govern the competition, it is actually provided that the service will be fixed for a whole year, if it lasted at least one hundred and eighty days.

D. I have 3 years of permanent service plus one year for a fixed term (contract from September 1 to June 30); I also performed another service without interruption from January 31 until the end of the final vote. Can I still take part in the competition for school managers if I meet the other requirements?

A. Yes, because he required a total of five years of service (3 lease years + one from September 1 to June 30 + one from January 31 to the end of the final review); the limited service is actually considered a full year if it lasted at least one hundred and eighty days or if it was provided without interruption from February 1 to the end of the final examination.

Q. My fifth year in the role begins in the 2022/2023 school year. If the competition for the school teacher is to be announced in the next few months, could I participate? Or do you have to wait until the fifth year of the term is completed?

A. The participation requirements must be met within the application deadlines, including five years of service. We point out that even for teachers who have a year of service, the year of service can be assessed (as we also read in the CCNI about mobility 2022/25), if at least 180 days of service have been carried out , therefore, if the competition is announced during the academic year 2022/23 and from the date of submission of the applications, our readers will have made a service of at least 180 days, should be able to participate in the competition procedure.

D. I have the requisites for the competition for school managers. My only doubt concerns the service requirements: I only have 4 years of permanent service, to which a year of legal backdating from the appointment is not covered by the service. Can I still participate in the competition?

R. No, the roll service, as stated in the draft of the above Ministerial Decree, is only considered valid if it is actually provided, with the exclusion of the legal backdating periods. The same indication was published by the Ministry in the FAQ published on the occasion of the 2017 competition:

Q. How is duration of service calculated?
A. For the calculation of the duration of service, the economic effective date is taken into account, since the actual years of service must be calculated.

Q. I have spent four full-time services plus one more year at a peer school. Can I participate in the teacher competition?

A. Yes, because the requested five years of service can be provided for both indefinite and fixed terms, both in public and private schools.

Competition for school managers, including graduation and five years of service. When?


NB: what is written refers to the draft regulation, so there may be changes, which we will eventually report promptly.

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