Pre-set UDA format and practical indications to prepare for the oral exam of the Ordinary Competition for the Secondary School of I and II Degrees

Practical kit (video courses, models and teaching materials) to assist teachers in planning a simulated lesson (UDA) in preparation for the oral exam for the ordinary competition for the staff of the first and second school.

To support and successfully pass the oral exam of the normal competition for the first and second year of secondary school it is necessary:

  • know how to design an educational activityincluding an illustration of content, didactic and methodological choices, including with regard to the didactic use of technologies and multimedia electronic devices;
  • to be able to present the planned didactic activity during the interview effectively and with Master.

Do Design of the UDA format in Power Point, before being presented and discussed before the examination board, it is certainly the last and most complicated step for those who are preparing for the oral exam.

There are many texts and maps on the market dedicated to the preparation of this contest. However, despite a lot of information, they often generate as well Confusion and uncertainty.

When there is little time for an exam, multiplying doubts and the time available to prepare is never enough.

For all those who are preparing for the ordinary competition for the high school staff in the, concrete help Design of a Power Point UDAThe professional academy has created a practical training kit, which differs from the many proposals currently on the market because:

  • extremely convenient and direct;
  • precise and timely with respect to the scope of competences specified in the notice;
  • rich in operational indications regarding the preparation of the FORMAT UDA through the use of Power Point and op how to report the various aspects to the examination committee.

NB With the help of all didactic material he learns the right ones Methodology for structuring a UDA autonomously: this way you will save valuable time and will have an efficient model and work within 24 hours between drawing the topic and the actual test.

e-Product (Video lessons, customizable module, summary sheets, annotated examples)


With indications on the construction of the format for the simulated lesson presented during the oral interview

Curated by Silvio Bagnariol, Doctorate in Cognitive and Educational Sciences, University Professor of Special Education and Didactics of Inclusion at the Cà Foscari University of Venice, Coach and Support Professor in Secondary Education

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How is the e-product structured?

The e-product consists of:

  • 1 video lesson with guided directions for the Construction of UDA formatfor the competitors in the Present design of the simulated lesson during the oral interview.
  • 2 video courses with the annotated presentation of 2 UDA: one designed for high school and one for high school.
  • Power Point Summary Sheets and UDA Template for Composition.

The teaching material will be available from Thursday, 14 April 2022 in a dedicated web portal dedicated to limited access training.

After activating their personal account on our eLearning platform, every participant will be able to access the training content (video courses, summary slides, models) at any time and from any place with a significant saving of time and money.

Why buy this e-product?

  • Why you Pre-set Format an den Instructions by our expert They guide you through all phases: from the identification of the end product and the tasks performed, to the indication of the capabilities, the timing of the implementation and the verification methods to use.
  • Because it will be able to designs the UDA of the simulated lesson, customizes and implements a pre-set template already validated.
  • Because it will benefit Tips and ideas for designing the simulated lessonab 2 commented examples.
  • Because of will be able to prepare for the competitionfocuses on the concrete aspects of the oral exam.
  • Because it can eliminates any doubt of interpretation thanks for the advice of our expert.

Terms of payment

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  • 15% Discount when you sign up until Monday, April 11, 2022.
  • Additional 10% discount in the case of 2 or more students enrolled in the same school.

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