Prato educational community, the foundation chose the two winning projects

A great mobilization – which saw dozens of associations, third sector bodies, schools, cultural institutions as protagonists – characterized the response to the special Prato community education call of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Prato. On the basis of a careful analysis and taking into account the opinion of the evaluation committee, the board of the foundation admitted yesterday to finance two of the six presented projects. They will receive the 100,000 euros awarded by the call (50,000 for each).

“This call, promoted by the foundation during the mandate just ended, based on the centrality of the educational community, understood as an expression of the highest sense of collective and individual responsibility of all social actors towards young people – emphasizes the president . Diana Toccafondi – the foundation has chosen for the first time to engage in a planning and co-planning effort with different subjects with the aim of supporting the educational and cultural growth of children in high schools and high schools, the formation of a To stimulate network of schools, associations and organizations of the third sector, voluntary work and cultural bodies. I would like to thank all those who have contributed to this project, and especially to the director Massimo Mancini, who since the previous mandate has asked the foundation to promote it and coordinated it very well.

Encouraging the positive development of young people, the challenge of educational poverty and early school leaving, phenomena that have worsened with the pandemic, these are the objectives of the two selected projects: ImPatticreAttivi, which d Pane & Rose Cooperativeand TRA-GUARDI-AMO, coordinated byOpen Skies Association.

“Both projects start from a deep analysis of the problems that affect the school population of Prato and its territory, characterized by a strong incidence of foreign students, by the difficulty of achieving language skills and the good level of learning, by leaving school very early, due to the emotional and psychological effects of the pandemic, due to widespread social vulnerability – explains Toccafondi – In this context, the educational community and community pacts are identified as tools to expand the training offer, fill gaps, young people to educate citizenship and responsibility towards the weakest, to create a conscious and solid network of subjects working to nurture a positive and well-integrated ecosystem.

The two selected projects
The Impacts creATTIVI project it is above all about the promotion of sociality, the expansion of the educational offer and the promotion of the participation and leadership of young people. Solicitations for the growth of young people come from the coordination of the activities of the major cultural bodies of Prato with the schools. The project includes the cooperative Pane & Rose with Curzio Malaparte, Marco Polo, Paolo Dagomari, Cicognini – Rodari, Carlo Livi – Brunelleschi, Tullio Buzzi, the Municipality of Prato, the Foundation for Contemporary Art in Tuscany, the Teatro Foundation. Metastasio, the Instrumental Chamber of the City of Prato, the Parsec Foundation – Science and Culture Park, the Textile Museum Foundation.

The TRA-GUARDI-AMO project it focuses on the marginality associated with early school leaving, strongly calls for the involvement of families, dialogue and cooperation between schools, associations and the world of work and business. The Alambicchi Cooperative, the associations Pamat, Polis, La Lunga Domenica, Scuola d’Arte Leonardo, ADA Prato onlus, Insieme per la Famiglia, San Leonardo, and the Marco Polo and Don Milani Institutes are with the Associazione Cieli Aperti- APS involved. , Gandhi, Copernicus, Marconi, Gramsci-Keynes, Dagomari and Pacetti.

The two projects, which should be carried out between October 2022 and September 2023, were selected with the contribution of Pin and must aim for the sense of belonging to the community, solidarity, social inclusion, social and ecological sustainability, the ‘Participation of young people to become agents of change. The goal of the foundation – which is also pursued through the determination of special agreements with the winners – is to ensure that the two approaches integrate and coordinate with each other.

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