Post-diploma specialization, 15 students from the Giovanni da San Giovanni high schools started their apprenticeship at ABB

The dual learning pilot project is already operational, strongly supported by the municipal administration, which involves the Giovanni da San Giovanni and ABB high schools, world leaders in electrification, robotics, energy and automation, which opened a few months ago a new sustainable, modern and high . innovative plant in San Giovanni Valdarno.

The first step is the start of Post-Diploma Higher Education and Training (IFTS). The mayor of San Giovanni Valdarnothe Councilor for Education, Jacopo Baldoni, Manufacturing Engineer Manager of ABB, Anna Scuotto, national manager of the Dual System Ali Marianna Ceruzzi district manager of Ali Spa, Martina Evangelista, director of the Pratika Agency and the head teacher of the Licei Giovanni da San Giovanni Lucia Bacci accompanied by the new graduate of the High School for Human Sciences Daniele Ciapi who started the post-diploma specialization path in teaching.

“The Ifts project and dual teaching between the Giovanni da San Giovanni and Abb high schools is very important for our city, as well as unique in Tuscany, because for the first time a high school is involved,” explained the mayor of San Giovanni . Valdarno, Valentina Vadi. “We are proud and satisfied to build this opportunity for the students of San Giovanni Valdarno and Valdarno through a project that arises from a precise political will: to build a bridge, a link between the schools of our community – and especially between the Giovanni da San Giovanni high schools – in the ABB company that has a modern and technologically advanced plant in San Giovanni in the Sant’Andrea area. This was a qualification point of the mandate selection program: through close cooperation with the territory to establish synergies for the educational offer of the high schools of San Giovanni Valdarno to improve the benefit of the boys and girls of Valdarno. The project is an important and concrete step in that direction. Now we begin to see the fruits of a plan that was born almost a year ago, with the boys who have been identified and signed the apprenticeship contract, who from this year will study at the university and gain direct experience in the company. I believe, that the establishment of a high-tech and sustainable company like ABB is an advantage for a territory from many points of view, not least because it triggers virtuous projects like this one that allow young people to find their own way in life”, he concluded the mayor.

Of the 180 students involved in the project, 36 expressed their interest in participating after graduating high school and 15 were selected. The outgoing professional figure is the Product and process industrialization engineersa transversal professional figure that can be used in any production process.

“The post-diploma specialization course in teaching – comments the councilor for education of the municipality of San Giovanni Valdarno – presented today is the realization of the first part of the overall project that is planned, in a training chain, the diploma of higher education to achieve. School and post-diploma professional specialization with a dual learning system. We are proud as an administration to have contributed to the realization of this project, which represents an absolute novelty for high schools on a national level and for the young people of our territory a opportunity for further education and therefore to increase their employability”.

ABB immediately decided to implement the project in accordance with its sustainability strategy.

“We are really excited about this initiative, which is another step to strengthen the bond of ABB E-Mobility with the Valdarno region,” emphasizes Jacopo Baldoni, ABB Manufacturing Engineering Manager. “It confirms our commitment to stimulate the growth of young talents and professionalism to integrate into our company with the aim of combining growth and responsibility towards the local community.”

The project is configured as a pilot, both at the regional and national level, because it is carried out in the context of high schools, the Giovanni da San Giovanni high schools. The Ifts way, as well as thedouble apprenticeship, it is usually used by students of technical and professional institutes, which are generally considered a more practical approach to skills. The cultural impact of this project can be useful to legitimize this system.

“This enhanced didactic path – added the headmaster of the Licei Giovanni Da San Giovanni Lucia Bacci – represents the possibility of ‘a school beyond the walls’. It is no longer possible to think, in today’s world, that education in the classroom is exhausted. The fundamental task of the school remains the human education of man, of critical, creative and value thinking, but this mission cannot fail to consider the new contexts, it must open to the new scenarios that allow technology and innovation. The IFTS path and dual apprenticeship aim to provide students with competitive technology, exercise of relational skills in different contexts and access to contingent or future employment scenarios; they will see and understand the practical effects of theoretical knowledge”.

“I am delighted with the experience that has just begun – he said Daniel Ciapi – We have the opportunity to see and learn the real processes of a world-leading company. Not even for a moment we felt crushed but welcomed and appreciated”.

The project makes use of the fundamental support of Ali Spa and ensures the voluntary participation of students from all high school addresses.

“The school, together with us – they explained Anna Scuottoresponsible for the national dual system Ali, e Marianna Ceruzzi District Manager of Ali Spa – spoke for the occasion and provided spaces to conduct selection interviews and general culture tests. In recent times we have witnessed a decoupling between demand and supply of labor in the market, which results from a separation of skills and which undermines the competitiveness of the Italian system. Such projects are important not only because they give young people a real chance, but they make the area more attractive for businesses. We hope to replicate this model of collaboration with schools, so that more and more students have access to the world of work by combining training and contract work.

“Schoolchildren early and leaving school early are not emergencies to be underestimated”, the words of Martina EvangelistaDirector of the agency Practice. “They need to be understood, studied to know how to deal with them. I believe that the Ifts project and the double learning site are relevant because they focus on concrete learning and the reality of excellence. And these are learning that to guide and enrich the teaching staff, the company and also the administrative policy”.

The next step is the activation of the dual learning process for the achievement of the diploma, in which children can already participate in the fourth grade and which of course links to the IFTS. It will make it possible to combine on-the-job training with school training. In practice, it is a type of contract that allows young people to attend an educational path to obtain a diploma and at the same time be employed as Apprentices, anticipating entry into the world of work. Institutions and companies cooperate and collaborate to impart to boys and girls the necessary skills to obtain the chosen diploma and to develop the professionalism that the company requires.

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