Post-DAD educational refreshments: what they are and how they work


Educational refreshments for students include sports and cultural activities –
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Vun educational refreshments the appeal to spent too many hours in DAD: the proposal that was voted last night is contained in the Decree of Support, which also contains a special educational fund, introduced by the Social Affairs Committee of the Chamber.

In short, the fund is nothing more than a free package of out-of-school opportunities available to students with serious economic hardships. The amount allocated for the intervention is 667 thousand euros for 2022 and 1,333,000 for 2023.


The fund arises from a change of art. 5 of Legislative Decree 1/2022 – Urgent measures to deal with COVID-19 emergencies, particularly in the workplace, schools and higher education institutions – approved by the Chamber’s Social Affairs Committee.

The text of the amendment reads:

The fund for educational refreshments, to distribute Promoting initiatives for the recovery and consolidation of learning related to school hours lost by students who have been subjected to isolation measures due to SARS-CoV-2 infectionthrough free extracurricular activities, such as cultural activities, sports activities, summer stays, study support and psychological support. The endowment of the fund is 667,000 euros for the year 2022 and 1,333,000 euros for the year 2023. The methods and criteria for the distribution of the fund are defined by decree of the Minister of Education.


The purpose of the activities proposed in the decree is to address early school exchangea topic on which Save the Children is particularly active, and which is one of the main supporters of the project.

In fact, the fund aims to enable children who have suffered severe isolation during the pandemic to otherwise have inaccessible educational experiences, to be able to strengthen their motivation and self-esteem, to avoid school dropouts and educational poverty.

Paolo Lattanzio and Paolo Siani, Members of the Culture Committee and PD exponents, under the signature of the amendment, speak of pedagogical refreshments e.g. free cultural and sporting activities, summer stays, support based on Hours of teaching staff lost in these two years. In the coming months we will be working to have one clear mapping of gaps and territories on which to intervene. […] Educational refreshments are not only a restorative intervention, but also serve to build a sense of community and belonging and to bridge the obvious social gaps. An intervention that is not universal: we do not give 100 Euros to everyone we compensate the lost school days with adequate training activities based on current needs in the starting situation.

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