Pomigliano d’Arco, the 5 stars for the municipality passes en bloc with Di Maio

NoonJune 22, 2022 – 19:17

The decision to create a new Board of Trustees has been formalized: Together for the future

of Piero Rossano

The very gCity council group of 5 stars by Pomigliano d’Arco, President of the Assembly included, informed the Passage as a whole launches Luigi Di Maio’s newly created “Together for the Future” line-up, Residents in the Vesuvian community. The newly formed group consists of Raffaella Morra, Salvatore Cioffi (President of the City Council and delegates in the metropolitan city for school buildings), Federico Passariello, Alessandro Salvi and Saveria Toscano. Salvatore Esposito, councilor for social policy of the municipality, could soon pass with “Together for the future” and first elected on the list of pentastellati in the last election.

Morra: new life is needed

For all of us, Luigi Di Maio is an expression of the values ​​that characterized the political growth of a movement that improved the lives of many citizens thanks to the battles for the exclusive interest of the community. Haut, the country where it is possible to continue to cultivate and develop great goals needs new life, without obstacles, without fear of losing the consent to achieve the exclusive interest of the goal: so in the late afternoon Raffaella Morra, to this day leader of the 5 Stars group. For this reason, he says, every member of the group I represent has no hesitation in marrying the evolution project together with Minister Di Maio, a project that is in continuity with the values ​​we have always pursued and that have never changed, but clear, in order to be pursued, they must be free from personalities and dogmas. We are sure that the perception of many will be those of trust and those who have always shown that they acted for the common good, but do not hide the fact that they have to correct the course in our path of growth. Therefore – concludes Morra – as the President of the City Council has already announced, the aldermen I represent will participate in the continuity with the political project that is offered to the citizens in the 2020 elections, “Together for the future”.

De Rotsgrupp mam Commissioner Esposito
De Rotsgrupp mam Commissioner Esposito

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June 22, 2022 | 19:17


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