Political elections 2022, the election campaign begins: Anief collects the proposals of the workers to send the “Education Manifesto” to the parties to change

The political elections are approaching: from tomorrow, August 1, the election campaign is in full swing. With the topics of education, university and research being once again among the most popular.

The union Anief wants to give Italian politicians the opportunity to deal with the real and most important issues: to this day it defines the “Anief Manifesto”, which then sends the electoral program of the next elections to every political party.

“We want to collect the requests, requests and proposals for change from those who live the school, university and research every day – explained Marcello Pacifico, national president of Anief -; to listen to the “base”, and then fight for carrying out the most cordial and useful requests for the welfare of the sector, is a fundamental task and which we want to fulfill by involving those who are ready to govern the country and produce next laws, which in a time socio-historically as difficult as the one we experience, we cannot afford to make mistakes”.

One of the most touched on topics is that of replacement.

“Many teachers in Ata – says Pacifico – ask us how to solve the problem of precarious work in schools, which is also one of Anief’s workhorses. We have clear ideas about this: There must be a de facto staff and a implement legal personnel; to advance the entry into the role also of the GPS, as already happened for the support, also of the second band with qualification to be given in the trial year; legislation to finally introduce equal economic and legal treatment in the national collective agreement “.

But there are also many other issues that have so far been reported to the trade union in order to build a platform in view of the political elections: the workers ask to put the staff in their hands, the resources for the sector, the ‘Allocations that the staff, starting with that of risk and location, to the mobility of workers without more limitations, to pensions, with early exit and ‘No’ to the return to the ‘pure’ Fornero law, to benefit the reduction of students per class, the birth rate, the increase of all school skills with the beginning of a real career, education, which must always be paid by law, the creation of jobs suitable for the updating activity, a Essay that fully listens to the workers’ representatives, the simplification of the professional activities and the reduction of the bureaucracy in the school.

Several teachers in Ata also asked to change the formation of the collegial bodies, to make them more democratic and representative, to increase the school time by returning to the numbers before the Gelmini-Tremonti dimension, the forces and the organization on orientation also to reduce early school leaving. We are also asked to intervene in inclusion, starting with the rules that deny hours of support for the disabled, to improve the conditions that affect sociality and culture in training places, to change the rules of school management and autonomy, to a distance of more than 20 years since its first approval.

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