Pnrr, Trento presents 5 projects worth 10 and a half million: what is it

Five projects, in which the municipality of Trento participates in the call published by the Ministry of Education under the NRP, with various interventions related to school buildings, for a total of 10 and a half million euros. These are divided between 8 million and 248 thousand as Pnrr loan and 2 million and 252 thousand euros as co-financing of the municipality.

The processing of the application for membership, which was completed online on the portal specially prepared by the Ministry, was made public in collaboration between the various administrative services in coordination with the Directorate General and the Construction Service. with the buildings of the Service des Management, the project plans for the new interventions were drawn up on the basis of the surveys of the various affected areas, which were made by the technicians of the Service Financial and Asset Resources Service.

Candidate interventions are part of the NRP’s various missions concerning the strengthening of the provision of services for education, the plan for the playschool and playschool; In addition to early childhood education and care services. They therefore contain:

  • the dismantling and reconstruction of the Orsetto Pandi nest in Cristo Re;
  • the new Villamontagna crèche near the former primary school;
  • the demolition and reconstruction of the Villazzano playschool.

In addition, the abolition and reconstruction of the gymnasium of De Gaspari Primary School is part of the mission to strengthen the provision of educational services.

The Autonomous Province of Trento has collected applications related to the “Education and Research” mission, which aims to improve the provision of education services. For this Pnrr announcement, the municipality of Trento has requested a seismic adaptation intervention from Comenius Secondary in Cognola.

The common goal of the design of crèches, playschools and gymnastics, emphasizes the administration, is to achieve a Nzeb (Nearly Zero Energy Building) construction system, as required by national legislation and in accordance with the “Do No Significant Harm” ( DNSH) are compulsorily applied to interventions provided for by national NRPs that do not cause significant harm to the environment. In particular, buildings with high energy performance, which require extremely low energy consumption for their operation, are almost zero; the necessity is thus substantially covered by energy from renewable sources.

A new crèche Villamontagna (former primary school)

With the construction of the new nest, the aim is to expand the offer with 39 places, in an attempt to meet the needs of the users of the East Hill. The design takes into account the provincial standards in this regard. The request for funding amounts to 1 million and 800 thousand, to which 500 thousand euros communal money for a total of 2 million and 300 thousand euros must be added.

The intervention area consists of the lot, in which the building of the former primary school of Villamontagna is currently located, built in the early 1900s in the adjoining grounds. The new nest is part of an agricultural context with a strong naturalistic character on the outskirts of the suburb of Villamontagna-Trento, close to a low-lying public road, an area that is mainly (if not exclusively) visited by residents.

The project envisages a structure of high architectural quality and very low environmental impact, which is achieved through careful integration into the environment and through the use of state-of-the-art technologies for energy saving and ecological sustainability. The proposed new structure consists of two crossed bands that have been developed in two directions: the north-south body on two levels and the east-west body on a single level, in which the internal spaces of the nest are: um rez- the ground floor of all the main rooms required for the crèche, while in the elevated part of the building there will be space for the adjoining rooms such as the administration, the kitchen, the wardrobe. All for a total area of ​​750 square meters.

The project is being developed taking into account the optimal orientation of the structure, with the provision of glass openings that allow the greatest amount of light into the winter time, to ensure the reduction of energy requirements for heating to a minimum, including screens set up. adjustable sunscreen to prevent overheating in summer. The proposed new nursery will be made almost entirely of renewable and easily disposable materials such as wood from certified forests, which is used as a material for the construction of the structures, guaranteeing optimal anti-Semitic safety.

New development of the crèche Bear Pandi crèche – Christ the King

The restored crèche is owned by the municipality of Trento and is located on Via Luigi Senesi, in the Cristo Re district. The school building was built in 1976 with an organization of rooms, which subdivided 45 children into three groups. The structure is 40 years old and after the analysis of the technicians it is missing today both in terms of the provision of the places as well as in terms of the buildings and the plant technologies which are no longer sufficient for an adequate level of internal comfort to guarantee. ., still an adequate level of energy efficiency.

The request for funding amounts to 2 million and 40 thousand euros, to which 760 thousand euros communal money for a total of 2 million and 800 thousand euros must be added. The proposed intervention includes the dismantling and reconstruction of the structure with an extension from 45 to 60 seats. The building is modeled on two levels, the one on the ground floor for the children’s activities and the one on the top floor for the management of the building. The sum of the areas of the two floors is equal to 850 square meters.

On the ground floor, the rooms, designed for reception and change, for leisure and educational activities, for tranquility and personal hygiene, are arranged, which connect the interior and exterior through large sliding doors and Strengthen portico rooms. The kitchens, cupboards, vacations and rooms for educators are on the first floor. There are also a number of places for special activities such as workshops and motor skills, which have the possibility to use an equipped terrace space, which is protected by pergolas. The facades, which are intended as a boundary membrane between inside and outside, must be permeable to light and view and therefore largely glazed. It is, however, intended to protect these from direct sunlight, through cuttings of the roofing, which mainly in the summer season generate shadows on the facades.

New development of an equivalent play school in Villazzano

The Villazzano equivalent playschool also belongs to the commune of Trento and is located in the via Salita dei Molini 1. The school building was built in 1979 and currently has three sections. Over the years, the needs have changed, namely today the need to expand the sections puts the organization of places in crisis, which was conceived more than forty years ago. The request for funding amounts to 3 million and 168 thousand euros, to which 532 thousand euros municipal money for a total of 3 million and 700 thousand euros must come.

The area in which you want to intervene belongs to a school sector in which there is also a primary school. The new building, which is being developed on two levels, provides for the construction of four sections. The project completely changes the use of the lot: In contrast to the current barycentric position of the building, which cuts a green crown of a uniform depth with respect to the boundaries, the volumetric articulation of the project will count for most of the coplanar To create green. Area on the first floor, the bands focus on the northwest fronts at the boundary of the road safety distance. This framework will make it possible to have a green space with games of about 1000 square meters on the same level as the classrooms, to guarantee an easy and direct usability of the green areas on the first floor.

The sum of the areas of the two floors is equal to 1320 square meters. On the ground floor, the rooms intended for the canteen service are arranged, such as refectory, kitchen, bathroom rolling mill, pantry, and those for the service activities of the educators. On the first floor, in direct contact with the garden, we find the rooms of the classrooms and collective activities.

New The Gaspari Primary School High School in the S. Pio X district

Another proposed intervention is that of the gymnasium in the primary school De Gaspari. A building that was built in the 1950s as a construction vocational school for the training and education of future construction workers, while the area where the gymnasium is, was built in 1965, when the building was still a vocational school and its laboratory for practical construction work: for every purpose, a small shed for construction work.

When the destination changed, and became a primary school, that shed became the gym, while related services (bathrooms, wardrobes, and showers) were housed in the school building, which is connected by a covered passageway to the classroom. The limitations of this structure are due to the fact that it was not born for the purpose for which it is dedicated today, in fact it is a shed that has been converted into the new use.

The proposed intervention includes the demolition of the current hall to make way for a modern gym with a total area of ​​270 m², which complies with the requirements of the current regulations in terms of functional, structural, architectural and plant engineering. From the point of view of energy saving, it will be a Nzeb building with almost zero energy consumption and a green roof to reduce heat islands and climate change. The request for funding amounts to 540 thousand, to which 460 thousand euros municipal money for a total of one million euros must be added.

The new gym will make it possible to carry out more diversified and at the same time free-body activities of different groups, or to organize the ground of the minivolley or minibasket with basket, or of five-a-side football with doors, while raising awareness that even if not of regulatory size, the new Definitely keep improving the quality of current equipment and practical activities.

Seismic upgrade of Comenius Secondary – Cognola

The Autonomous Province of Trento has collected requests regarding the mission of “Education and Research” concerning the improvement of the provision of education services. For this announcement by the PNRR, the municipality of Trento requested a seismic adaptation intervention from Comenius Secondary in Cognola. For the purpose of the proposal, it was necessary to know the seismic weakness index of the complex: the administration could present the study done by the engineer Michele Andreatta, to identify the priority of the intervention of the part of the complex that Classrooms and for the auditorium, presented request for funding for an amount of work equal to 700 thousand euros.


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