Pnrr, here are all the projects of the municipality Piacenza

The budget of the municipality Piacenza, which is currently being discussed in the municipal council, lists all the projects of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr). On page 156, the offices of the institution try to clarify all the interventions on which the Barbieri administration strives.

Applications that have already been submitted or are in process:

  • Dismantling and reconstruction of the “Don Minzoni” school.
  • Construction of a new childhood center in Borgotrebbia
  • Functional redevelopment of the Arcobaleno Playschool to via Penitenti
  • Functional renovation of the Astamblam playschool to via Guarnaschelli
  • Functional conversion of the “Girasole” nest in and around Sarmato
  • Construction of a new canteen at the “Carella” school.
  • Dismantling and reconstruction of the “Fallen at work” gymnasium
  • Construction of a new gymnasium in the service of the “Carella” school.
  • Construction of a new high school in the service of the Calvino school via Stradella
  • Early acne remediation of the area

Applications presented or presented by the Province of Piacenza.

Exceptional maintenance and qualification with seismic improvement in schools:

– Kite Spillschoul plus Ottolenghi Spillschoul

– De Gasperi Primary School

– Giordani Primary School

– De Amicis Primary School

– Pezzani Primary School

Exceptional maintenance and remediation with energy efficiency in schools

Taverna Primary School

– Fun Playschool

– San Lazzaro Elementary School

– Vittorino Da Feltre Primary School

– “Calvino” First grade high school in via Boscarelli

– High school “calvino” about Stradella

– Mucinasso Primary School;

– Kindergarten and primary school traps at work

– Borgotrebbia Playschool and Primary School

– Borghetto Spillschoul

– Playschool Gerbido

Interventions in the evaluation phase:

  • Energy efficiency works, adaptation and security of the buildings of the Municipal Theater and via Verdi
  • New development of public gardens of historical interest: Giardini Margherita

Interventions already funded in 2021:

  • New development of the “Porta Borghetto” building: post-graduate formation
  • South section “former Pontiers Laboratory” (first grade secondary school)
  • Pinqua, an Innovative Quality of Life Program in the Farnesiana Erp Region at the Ex Manifattura Tabacchi Middle School

Interventions addressed to the provincial coordination table of Piacenza province for possible funding:

  • Creation of a cycle path over Pietro Cella
  • Creation of a cycle path over Manfredi
  • Logistic hub cycle link
  • Energy efficiency works, adaptation and safety of buildings with the removal of barriers
  • Architectural Palazzo Farnese – seat of the civic museums
  • Creation of an integrated digital platform
  • Energy efficiency works, adaptation e
  • Secure with the removal of architectural barriers from the historic Palazzo San Pietro, seat of the municipal library
  • Pleasure: Piacenza Po River recovered
  • Polisportivo center renovation project and construction of a new pool
  • Strengthening and expanding the digital platform for the presentation of public land use practices
  • Participation in Task Force Digitization – Process Reengineering
  • Digital space: the digital assessment 2022-2024
  • Moving to Cloud – Departmental Platforms
  • Development of the offer of digital services integrated with national platforms (Spid / Cie / Cns, Pagopa, Io, Anpr, Pound)
  • Standardization with expansion of municipal offices and via Millo
  • A house to live in

Expression of interest in the region for the project proposals Mission 5 “Inclusion and cohesion”) – Partnership agreement with Asp Stad Piacenza:

  • “Support for parenting skills and prevention of vulnerability of families and children”
  • “Autonomy of non-self-employed elderly”
  • “Strengthening social services at home to ensure assisted early discharge and prevent hospitalization”
  • “Strengthening social services and preventing the burn-out phenomenon among social workers”
  • Autonomy pathways for people with disabilities “Individual home-work project”
  • Investment 1.3 Homeless “first”
  • Investment 1.3 Homeless “Post Stations”

“Atuss” (Urban Transformative Agenda for Sustainable Development): Interventions included in the strategic proposal sent to the region:

  • Renewable energy on public buildings
  • Redevelopment of the green area of ​​the Daturi field with air quality and atmospheric phenomena monitoring systems, Wi-Fi connection
  • Smart green pilot projects in green areas with irrigation remote monitoring and control systems (Smart City) to include water consumption
  • Construction of the cycle path and via Boselli
  • Dismantling and reconstruction of the Viale Dante Library and renovation and restoration of the north wing of the Passerini Landi Library with the contextual establishment of an incubator with: an environmental information / training center (including initial management); the digitization of historical and artistic heritage for the preservation and promotion of identity.
  • Redevelopment of neighboring green spaces at the Viale Dante junction – via Damiani with Smart Green, Smart Security and Wi-Fi Interventions
  • Rehabilitation of the green area under the public promenade with smart greens, smart security and Wi-Fi interventions.
  • Implementation of a comprehensive Smart City project to deliver innovative services in the areas of mobility, energy saving and security, supported by control rooms
  • Strengthening the regional innovation ecosystem in the digital transition by adding new roles to the “open laboratory” experience on the specifics of digital nationality and digital culture.
  • Access to “only once” services through cross-platform interoperability
  • Citizens tax file
  • Digital Archives
  • Completion of the digital transition of the processes and services provided by the social services of the municipality of Piacenza


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