Pnrr, Floridia: “500 million euros against early school leaving, that’s why the M5S is needed”. An answer to Lucia Azzolina?

And there Deputy Secretary for Education Barbara Floridia intervened to comment on the internal divisions in the 5 Star Movement, following the earthquake, which was not only dismissed by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, but also afterwards former Minister of Education Lucia AzzolinaShe also left the new Italy formation for the future, already renamed IPF.

“We have worked hard to reduce early school exchanges and territorial gaps in the first and second cycles of secondary education,” said Undersecretary Floridia. demonstrate an approach that enhances their motivation and talents inside and outside the school and enhances the synergy with local resources. School years assigned in the southern regions.


“That’s why we’re in the M5S. That’s why our presence is necessary,” Barbara Floridia said, referring to those who, like the former owner of Viale Trastevere, had declared in the last hours “The 5-star movement no longer exists.” .

A bleeding that could continue …

The bleeding seems to be continuing meanwhile. In fact, other parliamentarians could be added to Luigi Di Maio’s count. Beppe Grillo and Giuseppe Conte they are aware of this and demand: Everyone who wants to leave the 5 Star Movement should do so now. “The importance – said the former Prime Minister Conte from the Rapallo Young Entrepreneurs’ Assembly – is not the number of parliamentarians, it is the strength of our political project, the conviction and our principles and our ideas. this view the conditions exist for the 5-star movement to be even more coherent, compact and can also express to the outside world a full conviction of principles and values. If one hesitates a little, if one is not convinced, one can leave now, that is the right time, there is also an exit window and an external space“.

Patrizio Bianchi

And to return to the subject of Pnrr and of School dropoutEven the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi commented on the 500 million euro: “This is a very important loan, which focuses on the most fragile and which helps us to build a more open, inclusive and lovely school”.

He writes it on Facebook. “We take care of girls and boys who, for socio-economic reasons, very often have difficulty continuing their studies and therefore risk leaving early or unfortunately doing so.”

He continues: “Over 50% of the funds are for schools in the South, where strong intervention and a boost of confidence are needed: We must be next to our young people and let them know that the state is not leaving them. This first tranche of funds concerns the 12-18 year old group, which is most at risk. These are resources that our first and second grade secondary schools can use to ensure a path of strong support for those most at risk, through committed activities, tutoring projects, personalized training, also related to the realities already operating in territories. and actively contribute to many leaving school early. Through the funding of the NRP, we are really building a new school where those who need it most will not be left behind. “Every child that comes back to class is a success for all of us,” he concludes.

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