PNRR, 45 goals achieved: there is also the school. The government “strikes cash” with Europe: “We demand the second tranche of 24 billion”

All 45 goals and objectives set out in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for the first half of 2022 have been achieved on schedule.

The Ministry of the Economy and Finance has sent a request to the European Commission regarding the payment of the second tranche of the NRP’s funds from the Total value of 24.1 billion eurosof which 11.5 billion in non-repayable subsidies and 12.6 billion in loans.

The actual amount paid is equal to 21 Billion Euros (divided between 10 billion in subsidies and 11 billion in loans), not by a part that the Commission retains on any repayment payment, equal to 13% of the pre-financing received in August 2021 by Italy. The disbursement of European Commission resources will take place in the coming months the result of the assessment procedure provided for by the regulations.

With the achievement of the goals of the first half of the year, some important elements of the transformation plan for Italy take shape..

Among the approved measures we find:

Public procurement – With the approval of the delegated law on public procurement, the reorganization of a sector representing almost 10% of national GDP is allowed. Among the main objectives associated with the reform, the reduction of the time of the procurement phase, as well as those of the digitization, qualification and reduction of the contracting stations (which to date are about 40 thousand)

EDUCATION AND UNIVERSITY – The career of teachers has been reformed with the definition of new recruitment and training systems for the classroom. In the research sector, the most important innovations are the awarding of projects concerning the five national research masters, the greater connection with the realities of the territory, the promotion of researcher mobility and the simplification of research funds. There are also funds (550 million) for start-ups in the digital and ecological supply chain.

Public administration reform – Public employment reform can benefit from a new push on competition, training and staff mobility, with the commitment to access the inPA portal for all selection procedures, in particular for central administrations, and the strengthening of Formez PA at the National School of Administration

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