Pnnr, new crèche and reorganization of the primary schools. Trento focuses on school construction: five applications for more than 10 million jobs have been submitted

TRENTO. “A great and important work has been done“These are the words that come from Deputy Mayor of Trento, Roberto Stanchinawith regard to the commitment of the municipal administration in the selection of projects for the call, which the Ministry of Education under the Pnrr.

I am five nominations which decided to set up the commune and are various interventions related to school construction.

These are interventions for a total of 10 and a half million euros of those 8 million and 248 thousand as funding the National Recovery and Resilience Plan e 2 million and 252 thousand euros as co-financing of the municipality.

Here are the projects:


The goal is to achieve a new nest for a total of 39 places aims to meet the needs of East Hill users.

The request for funding amounts to 1 million and 800 thousand, to which 500 thousand euros communal money for a total of 2 million and 300 thousand euros must be added.

The intervention area consists of the lot, where the former primary school of Villamontagna is currently located, built in the early 1900s, in the adjoining plot of triangular land with a steep north-south slope.

The new nest belongs to an agricultural context with a strong naturalistic character in the vicinity of a public road with low river, which is exclusively traveled by the inhabitants of the area. The intervention focuses on the construction of a new crèche, which is characterized by high architectural quality and a very low environmental impact.

The proposed new structure consists of two crossed bands that have been developed in two directions: the north-south body on two levels and the east-west body on a single level, in which the internal spaces of the nest are: um rez- the ground floor of all the main rooms needed for the crèche, while the adjoining rooms such as the administration, the kitchen, the clothes, etc. are located in the built-up part of the building. all for a total area of ​​750 square meters.

The newly proposed crèche it will be made almost entirely from renewable and easily disposable materials such as wood from certified forests, which are used as material for the construction of structures, guarantees optimal antiseismic safety.

The nest is owned by the municipality of Trento, the object of the intervention, is in Via Luigi Senesi in the district Cristo Re. The school building was built in 1976 with a spatial organization useful for dividing 45 children into three groups. The 40-year-old structure is currently lacking both in terms of endowment of the premises, as well as the building and planting technologies used, no longer sufficient to guarantee adequate levels of internal comfort, nor an adequate level of energy efficiency.. The loan application amounts to 2 million and 40 thousand euros which must be added 760 thousand euros municipal funds for a total of 2 million and 800 thousand euros.

The proposed intervention includes the dismantling and reconstruction of the structure with an extension from 45 to 60 seats. On the ground floor, the rooms, designed for reception and change, for leisure and educational activities, for tranquility and personal hygiene, are arranged, which connect the interior and exterior through large sliding doors and Strengthen portico rooms. The kitchens, cupboards, vacations and rooms for educators are on the first floor.

The playschool object of the intervention, owned by the municipality of Trento, is located in via Salita dei Molini 1. The school building was built in 1979 with a spatial organization useful for hosting three sections. However, the manifestation ofthe need to increase the number of sections by one unit represents the current allocation of places in crisis. The request for funding amounts to 3 million and 168 thousand euros, to which 532 thousand euros municipal money for a total of 3 million and 700 thousand euros must come.

The new building, that it will be developed on two levels, provides for the realization of four sections. The project completely changes the use of the lot: In contrast to the current barycentric position of the building, which cuts a green crown of a uniform depth with respect to the boundaries, the volumetric articulation of the project will count for most of the coplanar To create green. Area on the first floor, the bands focus on the northwest fronts at the boundary of the road safety distance. This setting allows you to have a green area equipped with games of about 1000 m² at the same level as the classrooms, so that the green areas on the first floor can be easily and directly used.

The Gaspari Primary School was built in the 1950s as a construction professional school for the education and training of future construction workers, while the gymnasium was built in 1965 as the building was still a vocational school and provided the laboratory for practical construction activities: for all purposes a small shed for construction work.

Then, with the destination of the main building being the primary school, the accessory building was used as a gym, while the relative services (bathroom, wardrobe and showers) are in the school building, which is connected to the gym by a covered one. Passage.

Do Gymnasium has objective limits due to the fact that the building was not born for this purpose; In fact, it has been transformed into a new use. The intervention subject to the request for funding includes the abolition of the current hall to make way for a modern gym with a total area of ​​270 m², which meets the requirements of the force regulations in terms of functional, structural, architectural and plant engineering . The request for funding amounts to 540 thousand, to which 460 thousand euros municipal money for a total of one million euros must be added.

The Autonomous Province of Trento has collected the request regarding Mission 4 Education and Research – Component 1 – Strengthening the provision of education services – Investment 3.3. For this announcement by the Pnrr, the municipality of Trento has an intervention of the seismic adaptation of the Comenius Secondary of Cognola. The funding request presented for the works is 700 thousand euros.

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