Plan effective improvement actions to combat early school exchange

Which one Skills plan improvement actions that increase students’ learning outcomes to counteract the explicit dispersion (Failure rates) and that implied? We remind you that the implicit dispersion, which is characterized by insufficient school performance, results in learning below the expected standards, to the point that these students in the world of work subsequently still have the same difficulties of integration as those who have dropped out. of school early .. From this point of view, it should therefore be noted that the implicit dispersion, als hidden dispersion, is even more dangerous where it benefits from less supportive actions and less funding than explicit dispersion. Therefore, the school can not withdraw. GO TO THE COURSE

How to count for improvement?

In the National Evaluation System (Presidential Decree 80/2013), improvement is configured as a way to identify a strategic line, a problem-solving and planning process that schools implement, with a dynamic and holistic approach based on the involvement of the whole school community and which benefits in two dimensions:


– Didactics
– organizational / management.

Therefore, it is primarily the task of teachers and managers to correctly interpret the data on dispersion through the analysis of objective indicators, such as the rate of early exit from the education and training system in 18 -24. Age group (index ELEKTR – Early Leavers from Education and Training), the data ISTATDates Invalsi in relation to the rate of Fragility of learning (do implicit dispersion which we mentioned above).

In particular, the school needs to strengthen the competencies of certain subjects responsible for specific tasks: speakers, system figures and members of working groups who are responsible for sharing the objectives and methods of operation of the whole improvement process.

The approach must be preventive: develop skills to avoid school mistakes.

The Course

On these topics of course Plan effective improvement actions to combat early school exchange, planned for September 20, curated by Giorgio Cavadi and Ornella Campo.

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