Pistoia. A conference on “Self-care, caring for one another, caring for the community” on Saturday at City Hall

The conference entitled Care of oneself, Care of the Other, Care of the Community Encounter will take place on Saturday 7 May from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm in the Sala Maggiore of the Town Hall. It is an appointment to reflect on the concept of care, of which Professor Paul J. Frick of Louisiana State University, speaking on Saturday, is one of the leading international scientists on the many factors affecting children. and adolescents may have emotional difficulties and behaviors affecting the lack of interest in caring for the other.

The initiative is launched by the Council for Education and Training of the Municipality of Pistoia, followed by the Council for Public Education, shares opportunities and remembrance of the Municipality of Prato. Then Angela Desideri, a teacher at the Comprehensive Sestini Institute in Agliana, leader of the Pistoia ICS network, said, “Good practice for an educational model of care. Training, research, dissemination”.

This is followed by a speech by Paul J. Frick, a professor at Louisiana State University, who talks about prosocial and antisocial behaviors in the course of development: the role of callous-unemotional characters.

Next, Enrica Ciucci from the University of Florence talks about emotional and behavioral correlates of callous-unemotional characters during childhood and adolescence: some research findings on the Pistoia and Prato areas. Then there is the turn of Maria De Simone, from the Regional School Office for Tuscany – Territorial Area of ​​Prato and Pistoia with self-care and care of the other at school: the role of the nationality curriculum as a contrasting instrument to promote discomfort and well-being.

Finally, the Council of Deputies, the Council for Social Inclusion and Health Policy of the municipality of Pistoia, talks about the role of the institutions in building “treatment paths” within the communities.

The Education Council of Pistoia expresses satisfaction at the presence, once again in Pistoia, of Dr Enrica Ciucci of the University of Florence, with whom the Ministry of Education has been collaborating for many years, and for the very important contribution of Professor Paul J. De Frick, which has been examining for many years the many factors that lead children and adolescents to serious emotional and behavioral problems, to improve the assessment and diagnosis of child psychopathology, and to design more effective interventions to prevent and treat such problems.

The conference is aimed at teachers, schoolchildren, educators, psychologists, neuropsychiatrists, social workers and all those who work in different capacities in the fields of education, health and social life.

The event is organized by the University of Florence in collaboration with Pistoia, Prato and Sestini di Agliana Comprehensive School.

The initiative is organized and funded under the PEZ – Educational Zonal Projects – of the Tuscany region.

To attend the conference you must wear the FFP2 mask.


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