Piazza dei Professeri lands in Milan

With the failure of the school, the employment opportunities for many young people are reduced – archive

After involved Tens of thousands of children in Turin and Catania (5 thousand in 2021 alone), it comes in Milan the square of trade: a Meeting point it is a innovative model of social entrepreneurship, inclusion and education for young people, where one experiences a positive approach to reality, from learning to work, from the way to use one’s free time to the expansion of all talents. It is a community experience that is involved Businesses, schools, institutions and the third sector The form a network to support young people in difficultygives an effective answer to the Phenomenon of early school leaving which, according to Istat, is interesting in Italy 543 thousand children (13.1%, one of the highest stocks in the EU) – and at the same time favored the development of a neighborhood, the generation and ethnic enthusiasm, the restart of youth work and the spread of culture. Wednesday, April 27, at 11 p.m.is presented to you new Piazza dei Messi in Milanproviding the new home with educational projects for children at risk of leaving school early, with integration paths for foreigners, orientation for everyone to find the appropriate path to their own professional and personal fulfillment, cultural events and suggestions for Free time.

Businesses and schools working together against dropouts

The project is funded by Elisnon-profit training organization and consortium that brings together over 100 major Italian groups and SMEs – and 11 major Companies (Ansaldo Energia, Banco Bpm, Enel, Eni, Fincantieri, Ernesto Illy Foundation, Intesa Sanpaolo, Leonardo, Poste Italiane, UniCredit a Snam Foundation)to counteract the early closure of high schools. School4Life lasts two years and includes orientation activities for young people who fail, and initiatives to support families and teachers. The goal is to involve it as a whole 15 thousand students whole national territory, with particular attention to rEgions where the phenomenon is more widespread. According to the data of the mthe Ministry of Education, in order, mainly: Sardinia, Campania, Sicily, Lombardy and Liguria. Compared to the goals that Brussels has set with the strategy Europe 2020 to bring dropout rates below that 10%the Istat Report on Education Levels 2021 note that in our country the percentage stands at 13.1, on the total number of the school population. A problem that has a direct impact on the prospects for the workplace and, more generally, on the planning skills of young people. According to OECD Report 2019, in fact, the unemployed with average redundancies are twice the number of high school graduates and almost four times the number of university graduates. In addition, according to the OECD, School dropout before graduation would contribute 35% to the non-phenomenonPeople between 20 and 24 who are not studying, working or looking for a job. By 2020, there were more than two million, according to Istat surveys. Thanks to the collaboration between schools and companies, School 4 lives will be able to confront the difficulties of young people, combining learning and pedagogical skills with a knowledge base in relation to the world of work. The Orientation activities with students will be seen involved among others, how Model In the mentor, Business professionals and university students. Orientation meetings will alternate with the realization of Group projects, creativity marathons (kreathon) and other activities designed to provide moments of comparison and learning on an experience basis. Training programs for teachers, webinars for parents and the “Noi Restiamo” desk for the recovery of risk situations, on the other hand, they will be the instruments aimed at adults who accompany the children on their way to school. The program also counts for youApproach of the female student population to tribal subjects (Science, technology, engineering, mathematics), Skills that are still primarily the prerogative of the male universe in Italy, but which will determine more and more job opportunities in the future.

Dadone: in the communities to catch the neet

Opponents in the communities to conceive and direct the Neet, or inactive young people. The Minister for Youth Policy stated this. Fabiana Dadonein Genoa for the Ligurian leg of the No work tour, Government initiative promoted to counteract this phenomenon. “It will be necessary to cooperate with the municipalities to create branches in the municipal administrations and a direct communication channel, because often the information does not come, do not know each other and it becomes difficult for the children to orient themselves, make choices and understand what the future destination might be, said the minister. “In Italy, there are three million young people who do not study, do not train and have no plans to do so – Dadone remembers -. There are a lot of them and we need to be able to work on this: it’s important to go into the territories and hook these guys. We have a disturbing record in Europe: the country can no longer afford the lack of investment in resources, energy and intelligence. That’s why we decided to start with the first twelve stages of this tour, which I hope to propose again in the autumn. ” “For the first time, a programmatic plan has been drawn up,” he adds, “for the commitment and commitment of these young people, with a proximity strategy: it’s a matter of working with the municipalities to map these young people. The government has allocated resources to a preferential channel to inactive children in the Center d’emploi for inactive children, but this is also about creating synergy. , not just about allocating resources: the opportunities in which children can be multiplied compared to key partners who represent job opportunities. and everyday approaches to the world of work. ” Made worlds of adults even more aware of the importance of creating events like these dedicated to raising awareness of job opportunities, new profiles, as you summarize, I myself to present a job opportunity and to create a bridge between the world of education and employment “.

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