Physical education in primary school. Who can learn it

The budget law of 2022 to make motor education in primary and secondary schools a teachable discipline from the school year 2022/2023 has stated what requirements are necessary to teach it.

Competition for teaching physical education in primary school

In the perspective of teaching physical education the announcement of a specific competition is intended in which candidates can participate Possession of one of the following qualifications:
• Awarded master’s degree in class LM-67 “Sciences and techniques of preventive and adaptive motor activities”;
• Graduation in class LM-68 “Sports Science and Techniques”;
• Graduation in class LM-47 “Organization and management of services for sports and physical activities”;
equivalent educational qualifications to the above master’s degrees.

In addition to the achievement of twenty-four university or academic training credits acquired in curricular, extracurricular or extracurricular form in the disciplines
anthropo-psycho-pedagogical and teaching methodologies and technologies.

Waiting for the competition

The Ministry, in the forecast in which the competitive ranking list will not be approved in time for the recruitment of teachers, has proposed the possibility of activating the limited contracts necessary with the subjects that are placed in the provincial ranking for the substitutions referred to in article 4, section 6-bis, of the law of May 3, 1999, n. 124, for the competition classes
A-48 «pMotor and sports sciences in secondary institutions »;
A-49 “Motor and Sports Science in High School”.

Tenured teachers with the title

They can apply for the annual replacement, according to the provisions of theArt. 36 of the CCNL, the teachers of role in high school or high school, iein possession of one of the above qualifications, with the right to be able to retain possession of the office for a total of three years.

Physical education for which students?

Motor training, according to the provisions of Budget Act n°234 of December 30, 2021, concerns fourth and fifth grade students Primary school and special and fifth grades from the school year 2022/2023 and and fourth grade from the 2023/2024 school yearwithout prejudice to a total revision of the teaching of physical education in primary school.

Organic primary school motor education

What the provision ofTeaching staff for the school year 2022/23, for the introduction of physical education in the primary school, the number of fifth classes estimated where the teaching of physical education can be activated; the relative maximum limit of seats equal to 2247, derived from internal internal seats equal to 13 and from which received as a sum at the provincial level of the hourly contributions of two hours per class reduced to full places equal to 2234.

Time segments

Regarding the determination of the general staff, it should be remembered that the Timetable clipstogether with the hours remaining from the establishment of other posts (including those related to English teaching), contribute to the formation of full posts (organically by law) in the same school.

Remaining schedule segments

If at least 12 hours remain in the school, they can be brought back to full place to re-absorb any surplus in the autonomy staff.

Classification of motor education teacher

Physical education teacherswho accept the service in the primary school, are legally equivalent and economic to primary school teachers and they cannot be engaged in other teaching


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