[ photogallery ]. The Teen Lab helps young people find work

The Teen Lab, inaugurated on June 30 in Pinerolo, aims to reduce early school exchanges and train young people to facilitate their jobs.

Inaugurated on June 30th in Pinerolo – in the premises of the Olympic Ice Stadium – the Teen Lab, an inclusive meeting point based on the model FabLab that Pinerolo realized thanks to 444,954 euros of European and state funds. A digital manufacturing laboratory that aims to train young people, reduce early school exchanges and promote employment. The ceremony was attended by 30 young people who are training and, in addition to the Mayor of Pinerolo, Luca Salvai, the Mayor of Chambery, a partner city of the project

Training workers for companies

The room will contain a series of numerically controlled machines, 3D printers, laser cutting, cutting plotter, numerical control milling machine and thanks to the training of a specialized figure, the Fab Manager, the young people will have the opportunity to acquire the skills that local businesses require and that are necessary to enter and stay in the local job market.

Pinerolo, the CISS and Chambery

The project stems from the cross-border partnership between the municipalities of Pinerolo and Chambery, in collaboration with the CISS – Consorzio Intercomunale Servizi Sociali, as an implementation body, under the Interreg ALCOTRA program.

What the Teen Lab does

The Teen Lab project focuses on the following activities:

  • Organization and management of Training courses for NEETsYoung people who are not studying or working, divided into workshops and training periods, for the reintroduction of young people into the school education system from which they left or their introduction into the labor market
  • Development of initiatives joint training of professional subjects operating in the territorial network which deals with training and employment policy, in particular on the educational staff engaged in the TEEN LAB, also through the exchange of experience and the transfer of know-how
  • Construction of an inclusive TEEN LAB roomphysical space, in which laboratory activities are carried out, but in which, above all, children are offered a neutral place where they meet, discuss their experiences, approach the use of tools and materials that change their skills. and the acquisition of new skills.

The collaborators

For the realization of the project activities the city of Pinerolo and the Inter-municipal Social Services Consortium (CISS) benefit from the cooperation of several public and private issues:

  • do Net. Pin of the Pinerolo region and in particular the high school and the training agencies of the territory with which a memorandum of understanding was signed
  • the Employment Center of Pinerolo
  • L ‘ENGIM Piedmont Pinerolo office, for training / lab activities
  • CFIQ, for training / lab activities
  • CIOFS-FP Piedmontfor training / lab activity
  • Carabattola scs Sozial Gesellschaft, for educational activity
  • OPEN BOOK Snc by Caizzo Emilia and Caizzo Marilena for training and supervision
  • LAB.IN.S Social Enterprise Cooperative Society for Monitoring and Evaluation
  • FABMANAGER Marco Cassino Individual Company
  • BLANK SPACES srl – Web Agency – Software House for communication activities
  • CHINTANA srl., for administrative management

Photo by Lino Gandolfo

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