Permanently encouraged teacher: check of 5650 euros for 8 thousand units from 2032. Negotiation will define the career

The expert teacher has the light only for the time necessary to fuel the controversy of the summer of 2022: After the passage in the Senate of the bis-help decree, in fact, the teacher who “excels” in the training education Law 76/22, it will be called permanently incentivized. Is this just a change in terminology or is there something else to know?

In the Senate the name of Expert teacher in the permanent incentivized teacher. There economic progress permanently incentivized by the teacher is specified in the collective agreement regime. And to get straight to the point, this is the real news in relation to the text that the government approved in August.

Indeed, as reported in the text approved in the Senate, tenured teachers who have achieved a positive evaluation in three consecutive and non-overlapping training courses referred to in paragraph 1, within the limit of the stipulated quota, they can be permanently incentivizedunder a Career progression system which, once fully operational, will be specified in the collective agreement, the right to an annual ad personam allowance to collect an amount 5,650 Euro which is added to the salary for enjoyment.

Also, the number of teachers who are “awarded” does not change: a contingent of teachers can benefit not more than 8,000 units for each school year 2032/2033, 2033/2034, 2034/2035 and 2035/2036.

Therefore, in total, the intended resources are calculated for maximum 32 thousand units.

Just as it changes the fact that the teacher is required with a permanent incentive remain in school for at least the three years after the achievement of the above incentive.

In the event that it is not possible to have a regulation for the evaluation criteria for the incentives, provided by the negotiation for the school year 2023/2024are the evaluation methods followed by the committee, temporarily defined by decree of the Minister of Education, to be adopted in consultation with the Minister of Economy and Finance.

During the first application, pending the contractual update, to apply the career progression system directly, the following evaluation and selection criteria will be applied:

1) Average of the score obtained in the three consecutive training courses for which a positive evaluation was received;

2) in the case of an equal score, the stay as a permanent teacher in the school where the assessment was carried out, and subordinated, the professional experience that throughout the career, the academic qualifications held and, if necessary, become prevalent. marked with which said titles were obtained.

It must be emphasized that theone time incentive to the extent between 10 and 20% provided by law 76/22: For permanent teachers of all levels and levels of the state school system, on passes of the three-year training course and only in the case of positive individual evaluation, a salary element is provided once of a side effect, determined by national collective bargaining, not less than 10 percent and not more than 20 percent of the salary.

So, on balance, at the end of this analysis one certainty remains: it will be the negotiations that play a fundamental role in the question of the teacher constantly encouraging. And perhaps, for the unions, the passage of the bill in the Senate can prove a help that will be collected in the next round of contracts. Unions would have the opportunity to “play” on the incentive in the negotiation phase, perhaps by pushing to move resources to increase the pay of all teachers. Government allowed.

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