Perinei Hospital in Altamura, training days in laboratory diagnostics for 50 students

From school forests to analysis laboratories, between test tubes and sophisticated equipment. To know the mechanisms and professional skills behind a simple blood or body fluid test, the starting point for performing fundamental tests for clinicians is to provide useful results for the detection, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of a disease.

Real “lessons in the field” for 50 students of two fourth-year classes, one of which is biomedical, from the “Federico Il di Svevia” State School of Science and Linguistics of Altamura, guests in April of the operational unit of Clinical Pathology of “Fabio Perinei” Hospital in Altamura. Several stages have marked the training that has just been completed in the so-called PCTO – Pathways for transversal skills and orientation.

The external training tutor Dr. Giovanni Dirienzo, Head of the Operational Unit of Clinical Pathology and Biologists, Dr Vitalba Ruggieri and Diana Fuzio, who prepared integrated training courses, jointly designed and verified by the two internal tutors, Prof. Giovanna Loporcaro and Prof. Vincenzo Ferrulli, designated by the school.

PCTOs aim to foster the development of transversal technical-professional skills, provide students with the opportunity to experience insertion in extracurricular and professional contexts, for a more conscious orientation into the world of work and at the same time for the world of work. Continuation of studies in higher education.

In particular, in line with the educational and cultural profile of the students’ study, three training sessions were held at the Scholastic Institute to impart basic knowledge in the field of laboratory medicine, as well as practical training and guidance, in the clinical pathology laboratories of the Altamura Hospital Unit. It is here that students were able to touch on the crucial role and impact of laboratory results on patient health, observing the work of many professionals, pathologists, biologists and laboratory technicians, each with their own tasks and specifics. Execution of tests and their supervision but also to ensure compliance with the principles of the quality management system. A unique experience, which in the coming years represents an important choice for young people to pursue their educational and professional path.


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