Pepita onlus launches new educational proposal: a school capable of listening to children is never afraid of the future

Behind a healthy and functional school environment, there is teamwork that involves the whole education community. The Pepita Onlus Schools proposal begins with listening, leveraging innovation and creativity to overcome difficulties and transform the freedoms of all students and opportunities for growth, for themselves and for others.

Prevention is better than cure “. How often have we heard this phrase? For the most part, it simply remains under good intentions, but when it comes to education and school quality, a structured path for the entire education community. In the last 20 years, spent with children and families in the field, we have understood from Pepita that the common denominator of every path for the new generations is “educational continuity”. Listening, accompaniment, participation In the back they are the four phases of a healthy and positive student-education relationship, in which the minors feel protected on the one hand and encouraged on the other hand to give their best in the most important challenge: to grow up. These are the conditions that set out and characterize a pedagogical action dedicated to the well-being of minors.

How can we try to avoid the difficulties of our young people? Preventing bullying and addiction, preventing violence and self-harm, preventing isolation and exclusion … There is so much to prevent that every effort goes in the direction of avoiding problems, rather than knowing them and, if necessary, tackling them. The surest way to overcome children’s illnesses is through sharing and courage, the courage to educate. Because sometimes it seems like we can never do enough: so how can we represent a point of reference for children, adolescents, families and the whole school environment? Pepita believes that the biggest gift is not so much to solve problems as to give the school these tools that they can manage independently. An even more effective logic in the context of the prevention of the inconveniences that are primarily caused by smaller. Starting from their consciousness, their potential, their fragility and transforming them into possibilities for realization. Dreams against fear, hope against apathy, never forget to laugh.

A discovery goes through the experience of reality, even in the digital world. The children themselves ask for “onlife” educational formatsthat is, they integrate online life with offline life in a conscious and non-judgmental way.

The Pepita Schools Proposal, in partnership with the Carolina Foundation, goes from playschool to high school, with the most important topics today in the field of child education, family awareness and the training of teachers and ATA staff: from bullying to cyberbullying, from apathy to healthy affectivity, what we want to bring is a contribution to self-knowledge and empathy with others.

In addition, this year in addition to the classic lab courses are included new pedagogical languages ​​(theater, comics, animated readings …) to promote and facilitate the knowledge and management of emotions, as well as the personal expression of each individual student.

The school proposal can be adapted to the needs of each individual institute, in accordance with ministry regulations and with the plus to count on methodologies, protocols and tools specially developed by Pepita and the Carolina Foundation together with our partners, both institutional and private, committed to the well-being of the new generations.

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