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The Regional Department of Education and Vocational Training intervenes with an extraordinary contribution of 30 thousand euros to continue the maintenance of some classrooms in the complex “Rinascita” of the Villabate Education Club. A wing of the building seems to be unusable to this day due to structural problems. This complex will therefore be able to accommodate part of the 20 classes of the primary school of the complex “Don Milani”, which are currently hidden due to an exceptional maintenance intervention.

The meeting with the principals

“With this intervention, we will soon be putting some classrooms back into operation and due to the availability of the mayor of Villabate, the school secretariat will be temporarily in the seat of the municipality to ensure the regular continuation of the municipality. Pedagogical activities “, explains the Regional Councilor for Education, Roberto Lagalla. The commissioner met with schoolteacher Elena Trincanato and mayor Gaetano Di Chiara, following the difficulties reported by school users due to the impact of the temporary unavailability of the Villabatese education club’s main school complex, which is undergoing renovations.

Turn of classes

Through the contribution of the Board of Trustees, it will also be possible to proceed with a simpler shift of the primary school classes between morning and afternoon, to accept the request of the families and to protect the right to studies of the students in the didactic circle.

School building Achilles Heel

It is known that the school buildings in Sicily are not in excellent health. It is news these days that 67 million of the funds of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) and 20 million provided by the Sicilian region are intervening to further the process of redevelopment of Sicilian school buildings. The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has in fact asked the Ministry of Education, with 67 million euros from the Pnrr funds earmarked for Sicily, to fund 27 projects for the restructuring and safety of schools, identified by scrolling the ranking of the “Three-year school building plan 2018-2020”.

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