Palazzo Dogana, Meeting between the Parity Council and the Associations, 23 February 2022. Listening to the territory with their own needs and requests, as well as starting with the projects. That is the purpose of the meeting organized by Equality Councilor Assunta di Matteo with associations and unions. A three-hour river meeting in which health, labor and social issues were discussed, including and above all around the Memorandum of Understanding of Viola Dauna signed, in 2019, by the institutions.

Lilli Antonacci, of Commitment From, exposed the plight of women after the pandemic, especially to those affected by violence, and the need to involve the labor office and the way back to a normal life. The topic of discussion is also the balance between work and life.

Italia Agresta, Vice President Apmarr, he spoke of eliminating rheumatological pathologies, a predominantly female problem, with implications in the world of work that need to be considered. The association came from Bari, which the Owl, missing from the meeting, a message was sent to the Parity Council by Secretary Luigi Giorgione. In the Council Chamber of Palazzo Dogana there is also thePeace Embassy.

Valentina Scala (Acli) she spoke of the “Women’s Revolutionary Movement, which succeeded in changing history, but it was necessary to improve the working conditions of women. A problem of education and schooling “. Among the proposals that go from a” tribal “path as a project from primary school to high school. Antonio Scoppellitti (Solidaunia) recalls the depopulation of Puglia and the Duani mountains and that the work in our fields is mainly foreign and male.

The request to the region is that “land be used both for women victims of violence and for encouraging family reunification”. Francesca Sella (University Association Link Foggia) believes in the equality of gender training that continues in the university field.

Elena Monticelli (public function CGIL) calls for a memorandum of understanding with the unions for the creation of an anti-stalking and anti-bullying counter. As far as the cug (center of a single warranty) is concerned, the monitoring of all the existing ones has been requested. Anna Michelina d’Angelo (Aupi, Psychologists Association) relaunched on the issue of prevention and counseling, to which centrality and strength must be restored. Meanwhile, Assunta Di Matteo sent a letter to all advisers in Foggia province to involve them in their initiatives: “We need them for prevention and for gender issues”.

Giuseppe Diella, the executive officer of the Personnel Office, presented the projects that have made the province about gender equality and about women victims of violence, in particular the Roxana project. He proposed the development of a plan of positive action, integrated with the anti-corruption plan, and the strengthening of Cug.

From left to right Cilenti, Palladino, Di Matteo, Maggi and Rinaldi

The two days, organized by the Equality Adviser, continued with the meeting – on the side of the Provincial Council, held on 21 February – of the elected Councilors, Lucrezto Cilenti, Nunziata Palladino, Miriam Maggi and Libera Liliana Rinaldi (on the cover photo with Di Matteo in the center) also in preparation for the International Women’s Rights Day, 8 March. “I am very pleased with our first meeting, each with its own specific political, work and geographical origins. They will act as a bridge between the provincial authorities and the Equality Office. That said, I’m not as interested in their political position as they are in working for women. I thank President Gatta, with whom we are actively collaborating. On March 8th, we hold a welcome round in which we meet all the women working in the province, also to reorganize the cug that already exists but needs to be strengthened. On March 7, the councilor will meet with the institutions, the municipality, the prefecture, the police station, the Asl and the regional councilors Sebastiano Leo and Rosa Barone.

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