The molecular process of formation of the student movement

In the social life of men, there are long periods in which the discomfort sets in, determined by the fact that an uninterrupted series of distorted habits, unjust laws, irrational social behaviors of the people are perceived, naturalized, internalized, as if they a habit that individuals carry. it without realizing it. The narrow horizon in … Read more

Feather manager Ravenna line-up comes to life

After the first meetings that took place in person in November and December, the training activity in the Second grade schools in Bologna, Ferrara and Ravenna promoted by Federmanagerthe Association of Responsibilities ofa company that has over 3,200 members in the area. “The project we are carrying out, completely free of charge,” said Andrea Molza, … Read more

‘Alternative must train young people, not make him a substitute for workers’ Students in a lesson on rights and duties

LET US ORIENT US IN THE JUNGLE is the initiative set by Cgil, Nidil and Sol of the Camera del Lavoro with the boys and girls of the upper fifth. Until now, the Technical Institute Antinori Camerino-Matelica and Varnelli di Cingoli were interested February 22, 2022 – 18:10 – load Readings Meet at the Antinori … Read more

Teacher education, the platform for digital education dedicated to the Pnrr reform is already online

Scuola Futura is the platform for the training of school staff (teachers, ATA staff, DSGA, DS), as part of the actions of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), Education Mission. Content and training modules are divided into 3 thematic areas (digital education, STEM and multilingualism, territorial gaps), which reflect 3 of the investment lines … Read more

Music in school as an inclusion language for pupils and students with BES – MIUR accredited online practical course

MIUR accredits online courses (15 hours) to assist all teachers (from preschool to secondary) in the learning process and the participation of pupils and students with special educational needs through the use of music as a pedagogical intervention tool. Do Music is one of the most powerful tools for the effective implementation of school inclusion: … Read more

ZooCom announces the High School Cup with a Fortnite tournament between the schools

“More than a game“: With this premise ZooComthe group’s creative media agency One daylaunches the first edition of the Lycée Coupe aimed at students between the ages of 14 and 19 selected by schools across Italy: eight weeks for a structured project aimed at ActressOne of the most lived-in universe of Gen Z, for initiate … Read more

European Social Fund, Sicily meets spending targets between training, inclusion and Covid – BlogSicilia

Good practices, strengthening institutional capacity and new perspectives of the new 2021-2027 programming. These are the themes at the center of the annual event of the 2014-2020 ESF OP of the Sicilian region. The aim is to adapt and define the new programming strategy of Cycle 14-20, in order to maximize the results that have … Read more

Training days due to teachers and ATA. The point, with request template to download

The training is understood by the legislature as one of the fundamental cornerstones of the organization of the public administration, as a strategic tool to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative action. The Consolidated Law on Public Employment – Legislative Decree 165/2001 – in Art. 7, section 4, the public administration is in fact … Read more