The school transition-

The ecological transition? That’s good. The technological transition? That’s good. But what is most needed in Italy is the school transition. The Pnrr – the National Recovery and Resilience Plan – is investing 17 billion euros in schools (a small increase to a total of 30.88 billion euros for the education and research sector). a … Read more

Eurosophy launches new 25-hour training course: “Teachers and school inclusion in the classroom with disabled students”

The need to make the school an inclusive environment that enhances the potential of all students with its specificities is increasingly a shared responsibility, it is not the exclusive prerogative of teachers All teachers for the new school year, they must participate in these formations touching on different topics: Inclusivity Design Didactics With you Note … Read more

School Text Pro Vaccination, with Pearson’s government propaganda reaching out to students

First in the media and now also under the benches that Government vaccine propaganda officially lands on a textbook for middle schools published by Pearson. For some, a sign of how the executive counts to break even among students with the political line of perpetual health emergencies. In the text concerned, children and adolescents are … Read more

Single check. What fate for the abduction and deduction of the expenses of dependent children

With the introduction of the Allocation universal Alone, will the parents of dependent children continue to pay the expenses incurred in the interests of the children? Think about health, school, sports, etc. Here’s what you can do from March 1st. The only universal check From 1 March 2022, the only allowance, according to Legislative Decree … Read more

Post-DAD educational refreshments: what they are and how they work

EDUCATIONAL RESTAURANTS AN PAPP Educational refreshments for students include sports and cultural activities – Source: getty-Biller Vun educational refreshments the appeal to spent too many hours in DAD: the proposal that was voted last night is contained in the Decree of Support, which also contains a special educational fund, introduced by the Social Affairs Committee … Read more

Safety at Work, Provincial Inail Advisory Committee of Palermo: Stop Deaths at Work!

“The issue of workers’ health and safety, even in the light of the dramatic data on accidents and casualties at work, deserves exceptional attention and effort. INFORMATION – TRAINING – COLLABORATION are the keywords of the programmatic lines provided by Provincial Advisory Committee (Co.Co.Pro.) Approved by Inail of Palermo. Following a process of sharing with … Read more