Over 4 million euros to support the school system, strong attention to children

CREMONA – In the planning document, there is first one Confirmation of large investment exceeding 4 million euros a year to support the city school system, the result of a job involving different sectors of the administration. The approval of the municipal annual plan of the services on the right to education coincides with the moment when the school, in the presence of the vaccination campaign again, leaves a phase in which it is fully tested by the management of the strict rules was. of the emergency health care that has made management and relationships with families complex.

The investment in children is also confirmed, as far as both the playschool and the playschool are concerned. Investments that are not self-evident, including in the post-pandemic a high-quality education for every child from the earliest years of life and concrete assistance to support the birth rate in a country and in a territory the birth rate is one of its main problems.

“A value that is defended by the childhood culture that is defended and further developed, and that is linked to the pedagogical tradition that characterizes our territory. We are in the land of Mario Lodi, whose centenary is being celebrated these days, festivals in which we certainly participate through the participation of our playschools “, says the Education Council Maura Ruggeri.

Education Advisor Maura Ruggeri

The municipal intervention plan for the right to education 2022 also includes a Monitoring the demographic decline in the city in relation to the possible consequences for the school populationas well as a picture of urban school realities that reflect an increase in difficult situations or at least learning disabilities, which, along with the growth of situations of psychological distress arising from the pandemic, are deliberately taking over and sharing strategies for intervention.

And here’s finally another one detailed return of the most significant activities carried out in the school year 2020/21, of the projects carried out and of those which started, which will find later developmentsin addition to the projects of the communal schools, which are carried out by the various schools and supported by municipal funds from the right to education.

“As a continuity project that has not given up beyond the bounds of the pandemic – the councilor continues – I emphasize what theOrientation created by Informagiovani that could convey leadership initiatives aimed at boys and girls who have to choose high school or decide which path to take on web platforms after graduation. Informagiovani also created personalized counseling and training sessions, sometimes even in the evenings, dedicated to students and families and capillary meetings with face-to-face classes when possible. “

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