Over 14.5 million for baby centers and playschools and for social districts

The Regional Council, on a proposal from the Counselors for School, Social Policy and School Building, has accepted the significance of 5.6 million euros, taking into account the year 2022 as part of the funding of the National Fund for System Integrated Education and Birth Guidance up to six years, with the aim of providing an effective response to Ligurian families and improving the education system, improving the supply of baby-clothing centers and playschools. These resources, for a total of over 14.5 million euros, including the funds allocated to the social districts, confirm the attention that this council has always shown to the young, in constant dialogue and discussion with Territory also in relation to the issue of social policy “, observes the President of the Liguria Region.
The resolution for the 0-6 year system moves in a logic of the pedagogical continuity of the crèche and the playschool with an obvious pedagogical value, but also socially – emphasizes the counselor for education -. With this allocation, Strengthening the network of educational services and investing in the training of operators. Since then, the commune itself has reiterated that a share of accredited private crèches and private playschools must be transferred., In the system of 0 to 6 years, they represent a choice for many families and guarantee more coverage of
Services. The funds favor the content and the reduction of the fees paid by families. ” to do for the little ones. An investment for the well-being of our children in the most fragile subjects “.
“The commitment of the Liguria region to ensure, support and expand the network of educational services aimed at children, says the Counselor for Child Welfare – to improve staff training, adapt institutions to modern needs and all this fact in cooperation and with the help of the municipalities means to keep the social lift alive and the care of the first core of society, that is the family, which must also be protected by the care of the children of the institutions ginn. “

Still within the same Council, on the socio-political front, two important measures arrived at the logic of effective support of the territory.
“Almost 9 million euros of regional resources will go to the social districts – adds the Social Policy Counselor” – With 8 million, we will pay out the Regional Social Fund in 2022, with which the municipalities will cover the costs for families and families. ‘Families can support. Minors in difficulty, actions for non-independence and disabled people as well as interventions to combat poverty. In addition, precisely because of the extreme poverty, 950,000 euros will be given to the municipalities that hold conferences of mayors , for interventions in favor of people in serious social exclusion without permanent residence. – The municipality of Genoa, where the phenomenon of extreme poverty is most widespread, is allocated a quota of 700 thousand euros, which also includes specific support for canteen services and for an integrated experimental project that responds to the needs that arise after the period. The attention paid by this Council to the territory in all the communes “.

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