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Giusella Finocchiaro – ph Giovanni Bortolani

BOLOGNA – Over 1 million euros have been approved by the Monte di Bologna and Ravenna Foundation to combat school and early school leaving. In defense of the central and crucial role of the school, the foundation finances 17 projects, selected in the context of the call with 500,000 euros. Together at school, launched in November to support initiatives to overcome learning difficulties and improve student sociability. In addition, the support of 533,000 euros per year was confirmed Fund for the fight against youth education povertyborn out of the agreement between ACRI and the government.

“We have always seen the commitment of young people as a priority, but in recent years, in particular those of the pandemic crisis, we have strengthened our support activities for schools and families by accompanying them in their educational mission, with the topics covered in the area, intervenes with timeliness and flexibility to support many initiatives aimed at combating forms of difficulty and supporting the younger generations in their training course – explains Giusella Finocchiaro, President of the Monte Foundation of Bologna and Ravenna. In fact, it is known how the prolonged closure of schools and the use of distance have led to an increase in pedagogical poverty with long-term effects. For this reason, we feel an urgent need to act to prevent the effects from becoming irreversible, to support initiatives that remove barriers to achieving full well-being, not just for the benefit of the individual is. but of the whole.Community to focus on young people and their needs, to make them protagonists of innovative projects, to invite them to cultivate their aspirations and talents, means for us not only to learn the fundamental right, to train, to fully realize . Skills and competencies are developed, but also long-term resources are available to the society in which they live, ”concludes Finocchiaro.

Italy ranks among the countries with the most prolonged periods of “forced” distance learning, 38 weeks, with a significant loss of learning. The father’s experience, even when necessary to overcome the emergency, has weakened the fundamental relationship between teachers and students, depriving boys and girls of the valuable baggage of cultural, social and relational experiences that are present in classrooms and below. ripen the school bushes.

When calling Together at school Many bodies operating in the region have responded: Comprehensive institutes, social cooperatives, associations of the Bolognese and Ravenna communities, of the metropolitan area but also of municipalities such as Imola, Faenza, Cervia, San Lazzaro di Savena, San Giorgio di Piano, Medicine. All with proven experience in the field of education and promoters of a dense network of collaborations and partnerships. The aim is to establish an active educational community that promotes a more equitable, inclusive and enriching educational, school and extracurricular environment. Laboratories, professionalizing pedagogical pathways, training actions for the recovery and deepening of knowledge: a range of diverse experiences that favor students’ protagonism, promote their society and encourage the development of transversal interpersonal skills.


The Project Art between the benches of the society La Venenta, aimed at the lower middle schools, offers experience workshops of music, art, theater and outdoor education with farm activities.

Experimenting with new learning methodologies is the key to Start and go, proposed by the Scu.Ter – School Territory Social Cooperative Society, with playful workshops that re-motivate the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and counteract their withdrawal from their studies. Even that School Connection Service (SAS.)developed in 2020 by the Comprehensive Institute of San Lazzaro di Savena, aims to create a capillary support network in the area against early school leaving.

Together to win by Liceo Scientifico “A. Oriani” in Ravenna involves the most prepared students of the fourth and fifth grades and peer-tutoring activities for students of the lower grades with difficulty. The interventions of the tutors, encouraged by scholarships, are supported by a psychological listening.

Projects for the reduction of early school leaving are IDTogether Really – Accompany, support and guide in the face of emergencies by the IIS Belluzzi Fioravanti of Bologna, which implement integrated actions: learning offices, recreation classes, afternoon after-school activities, start-up and vocational training workshops, motivational workshops and class group support; We learn differently 7promoted by IIS Francesco Alberghetti of Imola e Everyone on Board of the Se.mi – Seeds for More Interculture Social Promotion Association aims to strengthen the state of confusion vis-à-vis the future and the psychological fragility of pre-adolescents and adolescents through activities that increase sensitivity and Strengthen society.

The State Comprehensive Institute of Medicine promoted A great place to live: a motivating and practical course to learn how to act, work in a team and solve problemsdidactic avenues for the acquisition of knowledge and the acquisition of new practical and relational skills, a “bridge” between middle school and high school.

CaP – Educational Yards of the IT2 Société Sociale Gesellschaft is primarily aimed at unaccompanied foreign minors who have not yet been introduced or at their first entry into the school, and act on four dimensions: key competences, life skills, empowerment and civic skills. The training courses use the methodological model of construction site pedagogy and will be confiscated on the recovery and expansion of assets from the Mafia, which is managed by Libera Bologna.

Fundamental to preventing early school exchanges and inequalities is to invest in transversal skills, through alternative methods to frontal courses. On this front he operates SAW – Students at work by the MCL Provincial Union of Ravenna: a “school cooperative” covers all the subjects of the school to create a bridge between young people and adults, between education and the world of work. Let’s do it! Conceived by the Zirialab Social Promotion Association and aimed at high schools, it aims to build a theoretical and practical study of the STEM disciplines to further develop the technical-scientific and digital skills in the professional field. After an initial phase of research, students are asked to make some videos about great female characters in science and technology, who take over the whole creative process, from writing texts to shooting, from casting to post- Material production. Still in the field of audiovisual, the SMK Videofactory Association with Makes change 2022 draws on knowledge of the languages ​​and techniques of storytelling typically to encourage documentary filmmaking, with a participatory videomaking project involving students as a young jury of the 18th edition of the Biograffilm Festival.

Along with Music and set design for cinema and television the Minorite Province Christi the King of the Friars Minor Monastery of the Observation offers practical-creative workshops for high school students, focused on creating a multi-platform audiovisual product, from the scenography to the soundtrack.

RECREATION, of the Dry-art Cultural Association, uses pedagogical tools related to digital communication to stimulate proactive actions of students and trigger virtual processes of active nationality. Together with the acquisition of soft skills, the project aims to combat discrimination, spreading both in the offline and online world, to promote the social importance of diversity.

On the line of inclusivity and expansion of the individual talents of boys and girls, it also develops EXPERENTIAL LEARNING – Training for human rights in the 17 UN SDGs through puppetry and multidisciplinary events del Teatro del Drago, a journey to discover the 17 objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda. Assisted by teachers, students will address complex human rights issues, reinforcing a sense of trust in their skills and resources.

Fashion and music form the action palette of Freewear Academy – The Words of Tutt3 In the Ensemble Musek. The first is a 60-hour training course, promoted by Baumhaus Società Cooperativa Sociale and aimed at 4-year-old boys and girls by IPSAS Aldrovandi Rubbiani from Bologna, involved in the creation of a streetwear collection inspired by the reference texts of the literature. and feminist thought. The aim is to combine the promotion of reading with a new model of technical education, which makes students protagonists of all phases of the process of designing, creating and selling a fashion line.

The second is a workshop of the Media Literacy Foundation “Sotto i Venti”, dedicated to the history of the professions of live music, also with a direct confrontation with professionals from the recording world. Students will apply all the communication skills that are essential for the realization of radio and documentary productions.

More information at the fondazionedelmonte.it website.

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