Ornella Pegoraro appointed Erasmus + School Ambassador for the Calabria Region

Do School Director Dr IDA SISCA is pleased to inform the local region that it has received further prestigious recognition from its institute in the Erasmus + program.
In fact, the Prof. Ornella PegoraroTeacher of English Foreign Language and Culture and former Erasmus + Referee since 2016, was nationally selected by the Indian Erasmus + National Agency as Erasmus + School Ambassador for the Calabria Region (KR Province) , received the investment in the FESTIVAL OF EUROPE, an event that provided for two days of coordination and training (10-11 May 2022) by about 250 ambassadors of the European program for the school education sector. The seminar also included activities from Networking In the Team Buildingand Training op speak publiclynecessary to carry out the activities of the ambassadors in the best possible way, in order to carry out training activities for other colleagues.

The new network of ambassadors aims to spread the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + program and the eTwinning platform at a regional level, to encourage the internationalization of schools throughout Italy. The ambassadors will support the activities of the Erasmus + Indire Agency in collaboration with the Regional School Offices, providing training activities according to a regional plan to increase the awareness of schools in the regional and provincial territories about eTwinning and Erasmus + opportunities.
The main objective will be that of inclusivity, with the aim of increasing the number of Italian schools participating in the Erasmus + program. because of. as founder of eTwinning Projects, which offers in its career abroad participation in multiple LLP study visits, seminars of the Council of Europe – program Pestalozzi, TCA and multilateral seminars both Erasmus + and eTwinning.
The appointment of the Ambassador of the Speaker Ersmus + Prof. The Institute currently has a European network of 24 partner countries and was able, under the careful guidance of DS Dr Ida Sisca and Erasmus Rapporteur Prof Ornella Pegoraro, to successfully complete the Erasmus projects in the course (KA219 / KA229 / KA101) the obstacles of the Covid- 19 Overcoming pandemics, also with the recent recognition of KA101’s Good Practice ‘project for staff “Let’s open our minds to innovative approaches in Europe!”

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