Operation Clean Schools, the Ipsia Siderno / Locri adheres to the Body Ambient campaign

The State Professional Institute of Industry and Crafts of Siderno, at the Coordinated Headquarters of Locri (RC), has Friday 11th and Saturday 12th March, on there Landscape promoted by national volunteering Legambiente Onlus Italy “for the livelihood of the school and the participation of the school community in the recovery of the outdoor spaces “. The campaign, offering training / information activities on the topic of environmental sustainability, as well as concrete activities to beautify the school environment and arrange the greens in the schoolyard (such as planting trees and various shrubs), it includes to a formation. Project related to the teaching of Civic Education and focuses on raising awareness among students on topics related to respect and protection of the environment and the decor of school spaces.

The initiative, on the premise that “The school belongs to everyone and everyone has to take care of it ! “, it has seen the participation of teachers, ATA staff, students of the complex, as well as representatives of the Forestry Carabinieri Corps operating in the Locride area.

The two days of volunteering led to the cleaning and arrangement of the external school spaces, through which students and school staff could also discover a sense of community and new goals for working together.

They also took the form of thematic in-depth analyzes and moments of debate and reflection, following a detailed program in which they included celebrities: the seminar on the subject“Environmental pollution, separate collection and recycling practices”, conducted by dr. Rocco Mollace (Expert in environmental education at Carabinieri Forestali Corps); setting up an exhibition stand with the work that students have done through recycling practices; the premise of the film / documentary “Point of No Return “, produced by “National Geographic”from which also interesting ideas for the debate and discussion on the subject were drawn What to do to save us Planet “.

Then, on the last day, after a shift that saw the different participation classes alternating, to do each with their own tasks, the students continued to clean the yard around the school building and after the planting of flowering plants (violet) , aromatic plants (rosemary and thyme), succulents, perennials, fruit and ornamental plants, cuttings of roses and geraniums of various species.

The event ended with a thank you from the teacher Gaetano Pedullà to the representatives of the Forestry Carabinieri Corps, for the support of the initiative, thanks also to the students who responded enthusiastically to the program and the school staff, very well coordinated by Prof. . Adele Careri, Bruno Iaria and Francesco Lacopo.

The aim of the event, however, goes beyond the individual initiative – the teacher emphasized to the students – and that is, one has to implement every day behaviors that concern the environmental education, that is the discipline that does not stop study of the Environment in general, but is configured as an action aimed at promoting changes in the behavior of individuals, individuals or at community level, in the case of a school starting from everyday life in relation to cleanliness and good use of space, on the care of the garden or court, any action by which it is easy to attempt to build a sense of legality and to develop an ethic of responsibility.

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