Online Business as a Solution to the Rise and Post-Pandemic Economic Crisis –

The online business it can be an excellent solution to deal with a period of uncertainty such as the post-pandemic. The health emergency, the blockade and the spread of the virus have caused many consequences, including a crisis that no one spared.

The inflation and economic situation that many countries are experiencing has done just that Raise prices of many products. The price increases affected electricity and gas, but the cost of hotel and restaurant services, the cost of play school and play school, rents and cars also went up. Raw materials, gas and electricity went up, while wages unfortunately did not change, always remaining the same.

Andrea Bernardi, the solution of the online business

What is the solution? According to Andrea Bernardi, setting up your own online business can be a great way to have more security. In fact, it will allow you to not only earn, but get one more economic solidity and to link his work to the geographical position. This means that those who start an online business can choose to live anywhere and without worry, escape the routine and worry of becoming a citizen of the world.

This belief does not arise from random ideas, but from the personal experience of Andrea Bernardy. His story begins in 2002, when he was only a computer technician. At the time Andrea did not feel satisfied, but he was deeply disappointed by his schooling, so old-fashioned and difficult, perhaps because he already felt that it would have nothing to do with him in life.

Andrea Bernardi, the extraordinary story of a success

What can you do? His passion for information technology has led him not to give up and study, day and night, to understand how best to develop web platforms, portals that are capable of changing the world. Thus was his birth first company: WEBONAIR. From that moment on, Andrea Bernardi never stopped building a future of economic independence, a passion for online business and a desire to pass those ideas on to others.

He has written books, founded companies and it has helped so many people to understand what makes them truly happy. “My life turned around – he said – when I realized that money is not an end, but only a means and most important of all is time.” His path started from there. “I was able to put all the limiting beliefs on the page that my family, even if in very good faith, passed on to me. Each of us is programmed in a specific way by our family and in most cases this way is the classic to which we are accustomed.

Unhinging those beliefs was not easy, but Andrea succeeded and was able to online business which makes him happy today. “Find a secure job. No other sentence in the world has ever been more wrong than this. If you want to be someone in life and achieve results, always stay away from a secure job and in which one pays you for the time you give him widmet.

What begins is as simple as it is extraordinary? For Andrea, we are actually the only one responsible for our existence. He only provides the tools and shows the right way to achieve that goal. The rest is up to those who with courage can realize the dream of creating an online business, earn more and live, perhaps, in Bali or Dubai in a dream location.

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