on the 8th, the rest of May and June will come

As recently of theInspfrom the 8th to the 13th of August the sums concerning thesingle check for the families which captures the Basic income.

From Monday August 8, the sum of the refunds will be credited to the recipients of the RdC.

The INPS has indicated the useful days for the payment of the refunds: they are the 2nd, 5th and 8th of August. The day 11instead, you should proceed to the first accreditation for those who are not already earn from Basic income.

Those Days of accreditation they are not unique to every citizen.

Any interested party must therefore frequently check their social security file on the INPS website to be aware of whether or not Sums in question.

Single Check, the INPS calendar for August 2022

Below is the chronological list of the dates on which the August Single Check amount will be credited:

  • Those 2 and 5 August 2022, the retreat universal allowance in connection with the monthly salary of July 2022;
  • theAugust 8 it is the turn of the withdrawals of the universal check payments for the months of May and June 2022;
  • From August 11 to the end of the month, the first credit of the amounts of the universal check for August should be carried out, only for those who do not have the requirements to receive the benefit of the RdC;
  • On August 12 or 13, it is believed that the sum of theuniversal check on the RdC;
  • Finally, from the 26th or 28th of August, the payments of the single check for the users of the RdC are provided and refers to the monthly salary of July.

Requirements for receiving the single check

From August 13, 2022 there should be the publication of the dates of payment of the single check for the beneficiaries of the RdC; more specifically, for those who filled out the form Rdc Com / Au.

To explain all this, an INPS circular, more precisely the n ° 53 of 28/04/2022which lists the requirements to take advantage of this benefit.

The form then goes put together only if in possession of the following Requirements:

  • Only if there is at least one adult dependent child within the family unit; this claim remains valid until the 21st birthday, and if the same also:
  • frequent a training course scholastic, professional or a course of completion;
  • is participating in an internship or has signed an employment contract that produces an annual income of less than 8 thousand euros;
  • are currently unemployed and/or and looking for workthrough the procedures implemented by the management of Employment centers;
  • performs the activities related to those related to the universal civil service;
  • there are compilation errors in the DSU to be delivered to INPS to receive recognition from the RdC;
  • in the family unit there is a mother who is under 21 years of age and who is not correctly indicated in the DSU, in the capacity of declarant or spouse of the declarant; in the case of Separationof Divorce o if there are natural parents who do not live together who have been given parental responsibility, it must be stated;
  • whether there are custody measures for one or more minor children, in the family unit to which the declarant belongs, which is different from the parent (if any not nouncle, brotheretc.).


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