On May 30, the school went on strike. The reasons for ATAs

As FLC CGIL, together with the other unions, we have launched a major mobilization that affects the entire education community and will end with the general strike on Monday 30 May.

A few days after the vote for the renewal of the RSU, where one million workers elected their representatives and confirmed full confidence in the FLC CGIL, the government decided unilaterally by Legislative Decree (DL 36 of 30 April 2022) on issues continue. concerning the school, without the involvement of the unions, an unauthorized invasion of the field in matters such as salary and career, of the exclusive competence of the contract and the deduction of contractual resources to finance measures which mortify the whole school world.

In this context, it must be emphasized once again that the fundamental role played by the ATA staff in the education community is not taken into account at all. A role removed from any provision pending approval.

The conversion without amendment of this decree will not only have a negative impact on teachers, but reduce the efficiency of all national negotiations in the renewal of the contract, because with this provision contractual resources were stolen from the FIS, part of the Lounrechnung.ze negotiate.

In this way a vulnus on the ability to intervene at the negotiating table, to evaluate in total the salaries of all newcomers and therefore to deduct places of autonomy on pay, improvement and education. This applies to everyone: teachers, educators and ATA.

With this mobilization, we underline our clear differences of opinion against Legislative Decree 36/22, in order to get radical changes and to insist on the renewal of all matters concerning the employment relationship, on the renewal of the contract, which has now expired for three years and for which we demand the immediate beginning of negotiations.

In this context, the comparison of career development paths must also be returned to anyone for whom the investment of specific additional resources is however essential to respond to the wage emergency, as the already allocated is not sufficient to compensate. the net erosion of the purchasing power of wages through the resumption of inflation, through the double impact of the pandemic and the war. With mobilization and the strike, we want to restore economic and professional dignity to the ATA staff, who receive the lowest wages and whose average wages are the most modest in the PA sector.

These are the points of our platform for all the staff of the education community:

  • implementation of resources for reviewing and adapting ATA profiles;
  • the implementation of resources to achieve the equalization of the salaries of school staff with other civil servants with equal qualifications and educational qualifications, and the progressive approach to the remuneration of European colleagues;
  • the elimination of excesses of bureaucracy in the work of teachers;
  • the return of the education of all school staff and the area of ​​competence of school autonomy and teaching staff;
  • the revision of the current parameters for staffing and schools for teachers, educators and ATA staff;
  • reducing the number of students per class;
  • the conclusion of the size of educational institutions within the limit of nine hundred students per school;
  • specific methods for recruiting and stabilizing at historically consolidated positions in the de facto staff, overcoming the existing precariousness of precarious workers with 3 or more years of service;
  • simplifies procedures, for those with substantial work experience, access to role and qualification paths;
  • the provision of an exceptional staff of school staff to manage emergencies related to the persistence of the pandemic and the reception of students from war zones for the school year 2022/2023;
  • the resumption of utility in 2013;
  • guaranteeing the presence of a Technical Assistant in every school of the first cycle; discipline in the renewal by the CCNL of the criteria for mobility with the elimination of the constraints provided for by law;
  • the increase in the number of school collaborators of 2,288 units following the ministerial commitment;
  • the opening of the competition is reserved for administrative assistants acting as DSGA with three years of service in the function, even if they have no specific qualification (in the new as of 2022/2023, 30% of the posts will be vacant);
  • the issuance of the competition notice for DSGA;
  • simplify the administrative procedures for exempting secretariats from unfair tasks (pensions, career reconstruction, school rankings) and re-internalize those concerning school administration;
  • the revision of the regulation on ATA substitutes;
  • recognition of the state of implementation of economic positions.


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