On Friday in Gorizia, students meet partner companies on the Its Arredo – Friulisera Roads

The meeting between students in the world of work and higher education in the furniture sector will be held on May 13 in Gorizia, at Isis Galilei-Fermi-Pacassi and via Puccini (Sala Europa, from 10.30 am). The initiative is promoted by MITS (Malignani New Technologies Foundation for Made in Italy), in collaboration with Liceo Artistico Sello from Udine and Ires Fvg. Students from recent years from Gorizia Isis and the city’s Max Fabiani Art School will be involved, directly from the partner companies of its projects in the furniture sector, to hear the professional needs from which the training offer was defined. from next autumn, in particular on the strategic figures of marine, nautical and hospitable furniture designers and on eco-designers. For the occasion, the company witnesses Davide Franceschi of Fincantieri, Simonetta Greco of the Maritime Technology Cluster Fvg and Cristina Salvador and Paolo Venuti for the Trudi Company – Giochi Preziosi Group. During the morning, Laura Squeraroli will also present Project Work Abitacolo 4.0 best ITS 4.0 project in 2021. Prior to the meeting with the companies, a detailed analysis is planned on the opportunities offered by the regional ITS system, starting with the speech of Ketty Segatti, central deputy director of work, training, education and family of the Fvg region. After the speeches of Ester Iannis, Director of MITS, for a detailed analysis on the possibilities of the MITS Academy and Rossella Rizzatto, School Director of Liceo Sello, with specific reference to the ITS training associated with the furniture sector. The presentation will be given by Marco Pascolini, Vice President of Ires Fvg, with data on ability to enter, guaranteed by ITS courses for his students.


Thursday 13 May 2022 from 10.30

ISIS Galilei / Fermi / Pacassi – Sala Europa, Via G. Puccini, 22 34170 Gorizia


10.15 Registration of participants

First part

Institutional greetings

dr. Rodolfo Ziberna, Mayor of Gorizia and Prof. Alessandro Puzzi, Head of the ISIS Galilei School of Gorizia

Introduction to the regional ITS system

Dr Ketty Segatti, Central Deputy Director for Work, Training, Education and Family of the FVG Region

The MITS Academy Foundation introduces itself

Prof. Ester Iannis, Director of the ITS Foundation for Made in Italy (MITS)

ITS job placement indicators

dr. Marco Pascolini, Vice President of IRES FVG

The ITS of the Furniture Sector of the MITS Foundation

prof.ssa Rossella Rizzatto, teacher at the Sello Art School of Udine

Sweat Part

Partner companies introduce themselves:

Fincantieri Spa

dr. Davide Franceschi

Maritime Technology Cluster FVG

Dr. Simonetta Greco

Trudi Spa – Giochi Preziosi Group,

Dr. Cristina Salvador and Dr. Paolo Venuti

Work in progress

The Good Practice of Project Work: Abitacolo 4.0 Winner of the 1st National Prize 2021

arch. Laura Squeraroli, Project Work teacher

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