Olympic philosophy, Capistrano student will represent Calabria

IN THE’ Antonio Pascerioriginally by Capistrano, the student of the scientific high school “Giuseppe Berto” of Vibo Valentia, led by the teacher Caterina Calabrese, who, winner of the regional selection, will represent the high school of the whole of Calabria at the national finals of the Philosophy Olympics in MIUR. The news was communicated by the Ministry of Education to the head of “Berto” at the end of the regional selection, which saw all the high schools of the five Calabrian provinces compete, which looked as in the selections of the provincial phases of the other. Regions, compete for students and female students from all high schools. Great satisfaction has the teacher, the teacher, the students and especially the student Pasceri and his whole class, the fourth section C, of ​​the prestigious scientific high school of Vibon, which for the second time in a row, succeeds over the others.Competitors for Calabria and to represent the final in the national phase of the Olympic philosophy.

The Philosophy of Philosophy, at the behest of Miur and aims to promote and support the educational potential of philosophy, was born as a competition included in the annual program of increasing the excellence of the Ministry of Education. In addition to the study and cultural education of seventeen year old student Antonio Pasceri, who deserves credit for achieving this prestigious goal, there are the commitment and skills of the entire ruling class and the teacher of the scientific high school “Berto” in the capital of Vibonese, whose main goal is to connect schools, universities, research institutes to spread critical thinking in the education of future citizens to improve.. The young student Antonio Pasceri, who always distinguished himself in regional selection for in-depth study of the various disciplines, had to present an argumentative essay on the role and importance of language in Hobbes as an instrument of knowledge, communication and as a basis. of the social organization. “A topic that is neither easy nor straightforward to deal with, but which could explain to the student through a series of logical steps that allowed him to argue his dissertation, using the specific terminology of the discipline. For the evaluation of the essay, the critical analytical skills that the student acquired with his personal skills and with his qualified and qualified degree program were taken into account. The goal that the student of “Berto” achieved well is perfectly in line with the many positive results that the students of the institution have achieved in various other national and international competitions.

The satisfaction of the “Giuseppe Berto” scientific high school of Vibo Valentia was immediately reiterated by that of the Mayor of Capistrano, Marco Martino, as a student Antonio Pasceri, is a native of Capistrano in the name of his father and ancestors, although he lives in Vibo Valentia, where his parents work. Mother, Emanuela Buragliathe asp and father, Vincenzo Pasceri, Piano teacher at the Liceo musica. Upon hearing the news, Mayor Martino immediately wrote: “On my behalf and on behalf of the entire municipal administration, I express my full satisfaction for the victory of the young student Antonio Pasceri in the Olympic Regional Philosophy. Antonio, son of the famous Vincenzo Pasceri is a nephew of Prof. Antonio Pasceri, Historical Mayor of the Community, who has guided it for 24 years. that his commitment and his commitment will be repaid over time.We believe in the young genius, expressing more and more ambitious hopes.We renew our good wishes, trust in a victory that has also been confirmed on the national scene.We are convinced that it represents us as an illustrated Calabrian symbol of pride and pride for all of us. Victory that, if successful is, we can celebrate in the best possible way. Good luck dear Antonio, we are all with you “.

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