Olympiad of Mechatronic Talents, Marconi is in second place

“Young people are the true builders of a digital and sustainable future. Businesses and schools working together to help them develop their talents.” This is the message of the sixth. “Olympiad of Mechatronic Talents“Organized by the Metalworking Group of Assindustria Venetocentro and held in collaboration with mechanical excellence such as Fantic Motor, leader in the production of off-road motorcycles and sports bikes. Padua and Treviso shared the” Olympic “podium, created for the skills and to test the talent of the young, called this year to try their hand at the project to industrialize the assembly line for an internal combustion engine to mount on production bikes.

Olympic Games

Three awards were presented and a special mention, at the end of a path, involved 63 students out of 9 between technological and professional institutions with a mechanical and mechatronic, electrical and electronic, IT and automation and ITS Mechatronic Veneto curriculum. The second prize went to the Marconi Institute of Padua with the team of Davide Mietto, Luca Morato, Alessio Nicoletti, Giorgio Pastò, Nicola Rodighiero. Also on the podium are the Meucci-Fanoli Institute of Cittadella with the team of Martino Rocco, Riccardo Rosso, Samuele Scremin, Brando Spolaore, Mattia Zambello. “The business of the future needs the talent of young people, but to improve it there is a need for a continuous dialogue with the school world – says Filippo Pancolini, President of the Metalworking Group of Assindustria Venetocentro – The test that the Involving children is a preview of the challenges they face in their training and professional path, an opportunity to experiment and find positive incentives for their future. open to dialogue with the world of work, enabling young people to make informed choices, to acquaint themselves and their families with the quality, innovation and opportunities that exist in our businesses. choose technical-scientific paths.Projects such as the Olympics, based on a modern approach to technical culture and transversal and multidisciplinary competencies, are increasingly in demand n helping to integrate students’ education and consciously orientate them into the world of work. With the hope of seeing them soon at work in our shops ».


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