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( Milan, March 9, 2022 – School canteen menus increasingly focusing on girls ‘and boys’ health, sustainability in food selection, training for chefs and staff, and food education activities.

These will be some of the actions promoted by the municipality of Milan and Milan Catering through participation in the international project “SchoolFood4Change” by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and funded by the European Union, in which Milan has participated and which includes 3 thousand schools with an impact on 600,000 young people in 16 cities and regional governments in 12 European countries.

The promotion of a healthy and sustainable model of school abuse is a fundamental pillar of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, the pact between mayors, launched in 2015 in Milan and which today holds more than 220 cities around the world. In addition to this international commitment, there is also support for the School Meal Coalition, which is being promoted as part of the UN Food System Summit.

“The realization of the transformation of the food system through action in the school canteen is one of the main strategies implemented by the municipality of Milan, in collaboration with Milano Restauration, in the implementation of the food policy of the city – underlined the Deputy Mayor with Delegation to Food Policy Anna Scavuzzo – For several years now, we have been working in synergy with Milano Restauration to innovate menus to make them more sustainable and at the same time respect national and international health standards, through a continuous dialogue with families, the. Representation of the canteen committees and with ATS, to formulate proposals that know how to combine the values ​​of the dishes, the sustainability of the supply chain and social inclusion. add, which we have for some time in the S carry out schools in the city in close collaboration with Milano Restauration and which, thanks to the ‘SchoolFood4Change’ ‘project, can be expanded and strengthened.

An attention paid to the tables, where every day about 80,000 meals are served to children and school staff, from baby clothing centers to high schools, which have already achieved several goals: since 2016, Milano Restauration has almost completely eliminated plastic on the table and, thanks to the Cool Food Pledge Initiative, the 2020 commune reduced CO 2 equivalent emissions from school menus by 20%, reduced meat consumption and introduced more vegetables and legumes and improved various ingredients and proposals for girls. Children.

With the SchoolFood4Change project, the municipality of Milan will be able to intensify these actions, conduct research and mapping about school meals, but above all to promote nutrition education activities in schools, also for school staff and families and training cooks and staff with ad hoc Coursen. of Milan Catering.

“This opportunity to compare with many different realities of teachers at European level represents a further stimulus to improve our service – explains the president of Milano Restauration Bernardo Notaragelo – also offers us the opportunity to meet the staff of Milano Restauration train with the goal of developing menus that are increasingly focused on health and sustainability needs.Our commitment is to contribute to the creation of a healthier lifestyle, working with families, with girls and boys and with all school staff.

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