Novigrad, the “Guerrisi” includes the territory with the “Gemeinschaftsbildungspakten”

To develop ideas and programmatic lines, to work on the ideal and operational link between school and territory. It is with this spirit that the Liceo Scientifico “M. Guerrisi” in Cittanova, on the initiative of the teacher Clelia Bruzzì, promotes the “Community educational pact” to sign territorial alliances between schools, local authorities, third sector subjects and active civicism .

With a participatory, cooperative and supportive approach of the entire municipality, the pacts introduced by the Ministry of Education represent an opportunity for dialogue with the city associations and with the municipal administration to share visions and strengthen an ancient alliance, capable of strengthening . cultural resources and work for inclusion, against educational poverty and early school leaving.

The high school “Guerrisi” therefore becomes the control room that defines agreements, triggers virtuous processes and favors the comparison of experiences between the different territorial actors through the active participation and direct involvement of families. By identifying the care and responsibility of situations of greatest fragility as a priority, to eliminate inequalities and to prevent and fight educational poverty, the most important goal remains the responsibility for training and collective growth.

“The complexity of the contemporary world, to which the public school system must respond, is enriched by the specificities and interpretations that the local dimension suggests for the development of the skills of young people and the growth of citizenship skills of each and every one of them », explains Dr. Bruzzì.

The manager reflects once again on the social function of the school, specifying the objectives: “To prevent the phenomena of educational poverty, school dropout and educational failure, and at the same time all the educational experiences and resources of the territory to improve and systematize, and a close connection between the educational institution, the local authorities and their services, the organizations of the active civil war and the private social sector, in relation to preventive actions that prevent abandonment and guarantee psychosocial support for families and students, tested by the effects of the pandemic ».

Among the activities in progress, “La via dei Poeti”, in collaboration with the association “Kalomena” in the municipality of Cittanova; “Mountain biking” and “Trekking”, in collaboration with the association “Bicittanova”; “Medieval Festival” in San Giorgio Morgeto in collaboration with the association “Nuovo Mondo” of San Giorgio; astronomical evening “The Night of the Stars”, in collaboration with the planetarium “Pythagoras” of Reggio Calabria and the municipality of Cittanova; the “Villa for Pictures Community” project, in collaboration with the association “Carlo Ruggiero” in the municipality of Cittanova; Inclusion project (shamming tournament, tennis, chemical laboratory), in collaboration with the associations “Cittanuova”, “AVIS”, “CRI” “Tango November” “G. Marconi, RES “and” ASD Gymnasium.

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