not only the case of Whatsapp, we need a code of ethics for professors and managers –

of Mario Rusconi *

The risk of the school losing the aura of authority calls for taking responsibility from those who work in the school who go over the news

* President of the National Association of Presidia of Rome

In recent days, more than one insider has wondered what a code of ethics has to do with recent news that has highlighted – from what we read in the newspapers – an inappropriate, if not worse, use of teacher-student conversations. through social media. That is more than obvious the repression of conduct against the rules of civil life and the law they can, yes they must be sanctioned with appropriate measures both to protect the integrity of the students and not to compromise the prestige of the school. But the discourse on professional ethics proposed by some of us wants to go further unbecoming news story and to expand into a broader context, to open up horizons of meaning that we believe the school has a great need for, also based on experiences that have been admired in the Western world for years.

The responsibility

For a time, in fact, in the Italian school thatAura of authority which can in no way dispense with such a complex and fundamental institution for the future of the country. Back to the initial discourse, a code of ethics – let us clarify it immediately to clear up any suspicions of oppressive bureaucracy – does not want a job description from the 19th civil, criminal, disciplinary – that lifts over the heads of many only from school , but by the entire public administration. If we ask for the introduction of a code of ethics, we propose to create the opportunity (which has hopefully not been lost yet …) to start a broad reflection on the world of education, Questioning authority, a sense of responsibility, foresight. Anyone who thinks that in such a code there is a set of ministerial regulations, which is legal to do or what is forbidden and sanctioned, surely has the wrong perspective or wants to talk about something else.

No to the training supermarket

In drafting the code, as we understand it, emphasis must be placed on the sense of cohesion that must prevail in every educational institution, under penalty of irrelevance or state of education. It is not enough, however, to draw up a good training plan, full of excellent intentions or to organize a hitherto inflated openday, in which the fate of the students who enroll, in a sort of Supermarket Training. We must work intensively with commitment, perseverance and goodwill so that – in the teaching schools, in the class councils, but also in the school council – not only the organizational parameters of the individual school are emphasized, with emphasis Governance or even engaging in things of little consequence. Conversely, it is appropriate to say what they are to follow the ethical-professional guidelines, which is the soul of every educational institution. In conclusion: No to the Boma Papera recipes, which are more or less inspired by cold and bureaucratic ministerial directives, but Taking responsibility from all the people who work for education in the community Education, in which teachers, managers, parents, students recognize themselves on the way to school because of respect, attention and – why not – kindness towards others. Of course, we do not deceive ourselves about the salivating, paleogenetic function of deontology, but we believe that by not delving into the ethical-professional characteristics of the work of those who carry out activities in school, we do not delve into it. can strive for the careful consideration of public opinion. (our actual employer) and will continue to represent a motif of media folkloreAttractive to negative facts and events, so lovely for today’s media.

Evaluate schools

One last thought. Until an in-depth analysis begins at the same time, transparent system of evaluation of the school context (Functioning and performance of schools, regional and central structures, performance of managers, teachers, staff) Even a good code of ethics could not suffice to guarantee the quality of our young people’s education.

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