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“When educators are scared of those they are supposed to educate, nothing works anymore.” So writes Concita De Gregorio Republic in reference to the case of Righi, the Roman high school, where a disciplinary measure was opened for a teacher who took over a student, engaged in an umbilical ticker choreography, with the bad result: «We are not on salary».

To the teachers’ ears, the journalist’s statement sounds strange, as if it were the educators who had to terrorize in turn. And it would be enough to flip through every pedagogical handbook to know that education is not scary. On the contrary. But writing about school, it must be said, has always been a complicated operation. Domenico Starnone, after years of service and brilliant columns in school life, never managed to make it his champion. Those who are familiar with the world of teaching can not necessarily interpret it in the right way. Seeing the recent statements of Ricolfi and Mastrocola, who propose to exploit fatherhood and serve class video lessons from the great masters of literature, far more interesting than those of teachers. “Teachers should have the humility to accept that great lessons are learned from others. Perhaps this is one of the great future promises of technology,” Wtf said.

Today, teachers are being asked for different skills – emotional, digital, bureaucratic – and schoolwork is becoming an ever-increasing challenge where it is good to guide you, as well as through years of experience and training, especially through common sense. From the last arrival, freshly caught from the third level ranking, to the teacher close to retirement who still regrets the paperwork, they are all called on teamwork to reflect, confront, conscious members of an educational community involving families , territory, and is not limited to teaching staff only or to a full register of living disciplinary records.

“The phrase ‘You are not on salary’ addressed to a girl who makes a video selfie in class to post on TikTok to discover her body is certainly not an elegant couple, of course. But it’s not even an insult: it is a linguistic way of saying, elsewhere it says “even a scorpionfish” without protecting the fish fauna. Salaria “means that you are composed, if I please, that you are in school. Of course, the teacher could use different words, we read in the ancient professor. So, if the girl felt offended by the flattering statements, it is a Side issue, the problem is the lack of decorum, respect, discipline: I do not care who you are or what you think, but how you obeyed. ff, one remembers with nostalgia how the teachers were a respected category, and forgets that the teachers are a professional job (periphrase, on request, for underpaid) where the teachers do this in the service of the community, and where they are located, adapt and respect the history of each student even and especially if far from their own.

And never, as in the role of the teacher, one is required to weigh words, weigh definitions, respect all sensibilities. Especially to update. Whoever learns must first be blameless with himself. It is inconceivable that a teacher smokes in front of his students – even outside the school gates – or that he drives without a helmet on a moped, as it is unacceptable to turn to a student with the sole intention of mortifying her. At school, we also learn through imitation, and the social reference model can not be of little value. Students’ protests are then welcomed, who meanwhile demonstrate at the school gates to tight-fitting miniskirts and tops, put up banners that write “Righi area fuchsia” so that they demand the respect of the teachers. no matter what the adults think, in endless gatherings all still gather online to bring back a nostalgic school and a discipline that fortunately no longer exists.

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